Things To Do To Stop Feeding Cancer

vaccination_cocktailMany people with Cancer are not told the Things To Do To Stop feeding Cancer. After seeing the Doctor they will go home and continue to feed the Cancer. In many cases the cancer comes back due to Acidosis (Acidic Blood). It is a proven fact that Cancer can not grow in an ALKALINE BODY. To learn how to increase your pH Alkaline level go to my (Detox Do It Now) page.

Be sure to go to the end of this document for alternative natural ways to recover from Cancer.

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untitled32Warning on Cancer causing Toxic Dyes in Vitamins, Foods and more.
Many vitamins sold in stores have extreme levels of Toxic ingredients. STOP consuming TOXIC Dyes used in – Vitamins, Beverages, Baked goods Candy, Deserts, Pet Food, Shampoos and more. Check product ingredients

Dyes – Toxic Findings –
– Blue 1 —— Chromosomal Damage
– Blue 2 —— Brain Tumors
– Red 3 ——- Thyroid Tumors, Chromosomal damage
– Green 3 —– Bladder Tumors
– Yellow 5 —- Allergies, Thyroid Tumors, Lymphomas, Chromosomal damage
– Yellow 6 —- Allergies, Kidney Tumors, Chromosomal damage
– Red 40 —— Lymphomas, Lymph Tumors

This is a natural Complete Multi Vitamin supplement with 12 super Sea Veggies and more. Click here for more

This is another complete multi vitamin with 115 ingredients including B12 Methylcobalamin. Click here for more 

What is Soul? Soul is a 4 botanical cold pressed seed extracts with D-Ribose that can do wonders when you feed your body pure nutrition.

4SQC7eiN2TinDoctors have ongoing research at the University of Minnesota Medical School to help restore immunity for children coming off chemotherapy. They found 3 seeds that were superior to anything else, the Black Cumin Seeds, Chardonnay grape seeds and Black raspberry seeds. We added  D-Ribose a 5 carbon natural sweetener to our formula Soul.

Please copy and pass it on to friends and family members:
1- Sweeteners to avoid – HFCS (High Fructose Corns Syrup), Aspartame, White Sugar. Synthetic sweeteners (excitotoxins), Splenda, Sweet &Low, Neotame, Nutrasweet – www.dorway. Makes your body acidic and cancer cells thrive in an acidic body. To alkaline your body to the highest level go here:

2- Do not shower with Tap Water. Chlorine is a carcinogen. Can cause prostate and breast cancer. Get a good shower filter. be sure that it is carbon blog filter  Shower filter

3- Do not drink Tap Water. Most water filters will not remove Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC) are hormone disrupters. The water filters we promote have a 25 years warranty and removes Fluoride. Water Filters

4- Mainstream Coffee and Decaffeinated coffee are loaded with Toxic pesticides see (Heptachlor). Drink Organic coffee free of chemicals. Check out new organic coffee that can Burn Fat and lose weight (Diet 62)

5- Do not drink cow’s milk. They have been injected with hormones with carcinogen. Soy Milk makes you Estrogen dominant (not good) Check out You can drink Almond Milk.

* Almond Milk – Most Almond milk has one bad ingredient (Carrageenan). Almond Milk by Silk has no Carrageenan. “I recommend avoiding regular consumption of foods containing carrageenan. This is especially important advice for persons with inflammatory bowel disease.” Andrew Weil, M.D.

6- Synthetic VitaminsA Harvard study of 22,000 physicians reported no health benefits. Other studies report toxicity and serious side effects including Cancer. In one case, synthetic beta carotene blocked antioxidant activity and anti-cancer activity of 50 antioxidants in the diet. This is a natural Complete Multi Vitamin supplement that can be mixed with water with over 115 Fruits and vegetables

7- Avoid any and ALL types of vaccines. They are all contaminated with carcinogens. The worst is Mercury (Thimerosol) Check this web site:

8- Do not use mainstream TOOTH PASTE. Fluoride and SLS are carcinogens. You want proof? Check out the warning on the label. (POISON?) To get carcinogen free toothpaste: Check Shopper Bible

9- Do not use main stream beauty products. Lipstick, etc…They are loaded with carcinogens. The 10 worst chemicals found in beauty products. Check out the Shopper Bible consumers report.

10- Avoid contact with cigarettes, and if you smoke you need to STOP SMOKING ASAP.

11- Stop drinking alcohol   Can increase Check Shopper Bible consumers report –

12- Do not use Mouth Wash with alcohol. Check Shopper Bible consumers report – Shoppers Bible

13- Do not use mainstream Deodorant. It has carcinogens that can cause Cancer. Shoppers Bible

14- Do not use Microwave Oven. Cancer News from Johns Hopkins University – Walter Reed Army Medical Center – No plastic containers or plastic raps in microwave. No water bottles in freezer. Dioxin chemicals used to make plastic containers can cause cancer, especially breast cancer. Dioxins are highly poisonous to the cells of our bodies. Dr. Edward Fujimoto, from Castle Hospital, was on TV and talked about how deadly dioxins are to us. To learn more click here.

15- Most Bottled water has Fluoride. Do not drink this water. Call 407-672-6144 for a water filter brochure removes Fluoride, VOC’s MTBE’s. This ionizer water units can increases pH level.

16- The 90 minerals  Just so you know 99% of people living are deficient in minerals, and a marked deficiency in any one of the more important minerals will result in disease. Prevention is key to better health and longevity.

17- Women need to stop using TAMPONS. The bleaching process contains DIOXIN which contributes to Endometriosis and cervical Cancer. The brand to use is Natracare® 100% natural.

18- Do not use TALC POWDER of any kind unless if it is organic. It has ingredients that can cause cancer. Dr. Samuel Epstein, MD, Founder of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, 1994. … Author of The Safe Shoppers Bible, Politics of Cancer Revisited. Check Shopper Bible consumers report

19- Avoid eating Red Meat, Pork and processed meats. Hot Dogs are at the top of the list. Can increase childhood leukemia X6.

20 – Do not sit directly in front of the TV. Sit at least 10 feet away from the TV

21 – Stop using the cell phone Studies validate that radiation from cell phone use can cause brain tumors.

22- Avoid foods with artificial colors of any kind example Blue #1, Blue #2, Red #3, Green #3, Yellow #5, Yellow #6 and Red #40. Many vitamins have these Toxic Dyes. One A Day, Flintstones (The worst), Centrum Silver and more… Can cause Brain Tumors, Thyroid Tumors, Bladder Tumors, Lymph Tumors. Click here to see the complete report.

23- Do not eat bleached white Rice – can cause stomach Cancer. Best eat none bleached organic rice.

24- Do not use main stream shampoo. Look out for Ingredients SLS, TEA and DEA. To order carcinogen free products.

25 – Mammograms  – expose your body to ionizing radiation that can be 1,000 times greater than that from a chest x-ray, which we know poses a cancer risk. According to Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, M.D., chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, and Rosalie Bertell, Ph.D. of the International Physicians for Humanitarian Medicine. Mammograms have little or no influence on reducing the number of women who die from breast cancer

26 – CT Scans found to cause Cancer in children – a child who is exposed to the radiation from just two or three scans will TRIPLE their risk of developing brain cancer later in life. Five to 10 scans was also found to triple the risk of leukemia.

27 – GM – Genetically Modified food- Researchers found that exposure to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide formula, induces human cell death at exposures as low as 50 ppm, which is “far below agricultural dilutions,” according to the report. At a dilution of 57.5 ppm, which is only slightly higher, Roundup effectively kills 50 percent of human cells, which clearly illustrates its severe toxicity including the fact that this widely-used chemical causes birth defects and cancer.

28 – An experimental cancer drug called DCA (dichloroacetate) shows promise in the fight against cancer by altering cancer cell metabolism and inducing apoptosis (cellular suicide); DCA appears to exert anti-tumor effects against several forms of cancer, including brain, endometrial, cervical, prostate, breast, and colorectal cancers DCA forces cancer cells to shift from their preferred method of generating energy (glycolysis) to the method normal cells prefer (glucose oxidation) and “reawakens” cancer cells’ mitochondria.

**Warning** There are serious side effects reported by some adults self-administering DCA, including peripheral neuropathy and encephalopathy, so more research is needed before DCA can be considered safe.
Optimizing your vitamin D level is one of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself from cancer Certain foods mimic the actions of DCA without ANY side effects, such as broccoli and the spice turmeric.
5 FOODS that Cause Cancer Cells to Self-Destruct
What if there were natural agents that induced cancer cell suicide, without the side effects of DCA? As it turns out, these agents DO exist—and you may already have some in your kitchen pantry or supplement cabinet. Here are the five:
1- Co-Q10/Ubiquinol
2 – Curcumin (the active agent in the spice turmeric)
3 – Capsaicin (the compound that makes hot peppers hot)
4 – Se-methylselenocysteine aka methylselenocysteine (found in garlic and broccoli)
5 – Ellagic acid (from pomegranates and other fruits)
There are many all-natural cancer-prevention strategies, and research shows they may cut your risk in half. Consequently, by implementing multiple strategies, you can radically lower your risk of cancer as well.
29- Chemotherapy Makes Cancer Far Worse – A team of researchers looking into why cancer cells are so resilient accidentally stumbled upon a far more important discovery. While conducting their research, the team discovered that chemotherapy actually heavily damages healthy cells and subsequently triggers them to release a protein that sustains and fuels tumor growth. Beyond that, it even makes the tumor highly resistant to future treatment.
30 – Cancer the Forbidden Cure – The story of Rene Casse – Assiac Tea
31 – Popular moisturizer can cause Cancerous TUMORS – This popular moisturizer applied to mice for 17 weeks got 69 more tumors – Learn more here

Natural supplements to boost immunity:
1- Ionize Water Unit –Increase ph and Oxygenate

2- What is CBD Cannabidiol?  It is one of 85 cannabinoids considered to be a major constituent for brain health          and represents up to 40% in its extracts. It is the decarboxylated form of CBDa (the ‘a’ means acid). Compared with THC, cannabidiol is considered to have a broader scope of medical applications than THC. Cannabidiol has displayed sedative effects in animal tests. Other research indicates that CBD increases alertness. CBD has been shown to reduce growth of aggressive human breast cancer cells in vitro, and to reduce their evasiveness. Click here for more info

3- EPXCardio – This can also help help with blood flow. L-Arginine with L-Cetruline with several other ingredients.
4- Vitamin D-3 – take 50,000 units or more per week to fight cancer.

5- This is a complete Multi vitamin mineral complex with 115 vegetables and more 

6- Cell Food to Oxygenate and enhance water pH Click here to learn more

8- Dr Burzynski’s Antineoplaston

9- Cannabis CBD Oil – What is CBD Cannabidiol? It is one of 85 cannabinoids considered to be a major constituent of the hemp plant, and represents up to 40% in its extracts. Click here.  CBD has been shown to reduce growth of aggressive human breast cancer cells in vitro, and to reduce their evasiveness. Click here for more info RUN FROM THE CURE: Cannabis Oil – The Rick Simpson Story – A Film by Christian Laurette – Cancer Cure Hemp Oil – Rick Simpson and testimonies

10- POLY MVA Click here  – You also may want to use a B12 Methylcobalamin with this product. Click here Most people have no clue that B12 Cyanocobalamin is made with Cyanide – Click here 

11- Magnetic clay for detox – To place order click here

12- Specific Cancer Nutrition

13- B-17 Apricot seed Click here   To check prices and place order –

14 – Enzymes –  Enzymes are catalysts that enable or speed up biochemical reactions. Just like we were told in high school chemistry, the catalyst, in this case an enzyme, does not get consumed by the chemical reaction. It starts it. There are around 4000 biochemical reactions that require enzymes as catalysts. So the human body needs enzymes not only to digest foods, as many know, but also needs enzymes for cellular activity. Take a look at Fibrenza formula Click here – Learn more about enzyme therapy for cancer – click here

Here is one more choice for an Enzyme supplement Click here

15- Essiac Tea  Click here  To learn more about how Essiac Tea was discovered click here.  Essiac Tea formula now available from Oasis Advanced Wellness.

16- Dr. Kelly’s Metabolic Cancer Cure Diet

17- Dandelion Root – Cut leaves off below crown. DO NOT WASH. Dried at 100 degrees (5 to 6 days) Use clean
hammer and frying pan and tap on roots until a fine powder. Mix powder in X20 water enhancer

18- Revici’s Natural Cancer Protocol

19- Organic Lemon Cancer fighter, Anti microbial, fungus, parasites and worms, regulates blood pressure, combats stress and nervous disorders.

20- Garlic kills cancer Click here – Most powerful garlic extract Immune – Click here

21- The Soursop Fruit (Guanabana) grows in a flowering, evergreen tree native to tropical regions of the world. It also contains a long, prickly green fruit which happens to kill cancer up to 10,000 times more effectively than strong chemotherapy drugs, all without the nasty side effects and without harming healthy cells.

22- Turmeric use reduced brain tumor size by a shocking 81%. Further research has also shown that turmeric is capable of halting cancer cell growth altogether.
23- Detox from Mercury – Cilantro, Chlorella and Spirulina
24- Cesium Chloride click here – More info here too
25- The Gerson Therapy is a natural treatment that activates the body’s extraordinary ability to heal itself through an organic, vegetarian diet, raw juices, coffee enemas and natural supplements.
26- Wheatgrass – Contains thirteen vitamins and all 20 essential amino acids. It also contains chlorophyll which has some proven health and anti-cancer properties. A prominent researcher on wheatgrass, Dr. Thelma Arthur has done research showing that the consumption of wheatgrass juice can help in detoxifying the blood and strengthening the immune system. Chlorophyll plays a key role in detoxifying the liver which is where the blood is purified.
27-  The Ketogenic Diet: All cells, including cancer cells, are fueled by glucose. But if you deprive them of glucose, they switch to the alternate fuel, ketone bodies. Except cancer cells. A defect prevents them from making the switch to using ketone bodies as fuel and therefore, cancer cells can only survive on glucose. All other cells can use either glucose or ketone bodies.
“Your normal cells have the metabolic flexibility to adapt from using glucose to using ketone bodies. But cancer cells lack this metabolic flexibility. So we can exploit that,” Dr. D’Agostino explained. Watch video
29- Carrot Juicing – On November 17, Ann began a daily regimen of 5 pounds of juiced carrots (one quart to a quart and one-third daily). Ann juiced in the morning, drank a glass and then refrigerated the rest, which she finished off throughout the day. Ann faithfully continued juicing five pounds of carrots daily. Click here for more info
• Two weeks of daily carrot juicing: no improvement.
• Eight weeks of juicing: the cancer stopped growing and tumors began shrinking.
• Four months of juicing: all the lymph nodes in the lungs were normal.
• Eight months of juicing: all the cancer was gone!
* I would add Dr McCords Protandim Click here to watch video Click here to order
30- Grape seed Extract – Researchers from the University of Colorado Cancer Center report that the more aggressive the cancer cells are, the more effective the grape extract works at targeting and stopping the growth. Grape seed extract is amazing in that it attacks the cancer cells but leaves the healthy cells untouched. Click to Order from Amazon
31- Powerful natural drink – made with one beet root, one carrot and one apple that combine together to make the JUICE! Click here
32- The Famous Recipe Of Professor Mermersky – It Destroys Cancer Cells And Treats The Whole Organism! – Click here to See more:
Recipe of professor Mermersky – Lits of Ingredients
– Take the wheat out and the rest of this recipe will have health benefits.
– 15 fresh (preferably organic) lemons
– 12 whole head (not cloves) of fresh garlic
– 1 kg of real honey
– 400 g fresh walnut kernel
 For preparation click here
33 – Young Green WHEAT – Helps with “Stomach Cancer” It is picked before the seed is developed. They are picked when they are 15-20cm in height in order to optimally utilize the medicinal substance, which moves from the leaves to the seed.

34 – Turkey Tail Mushroom – The turkey tail (Trametes versicolor) mushroom, named for its colorful wavy stripes, is known for its strong antiviral, antimicrobial and antitumor properties. These properties have been attributed to two polysaccharides, polysaccharide-K (PSK), also known as krestin, and polysaccharide-P (PSP). The Japanese government approved the use of PSK in the 1980s for treating several types of cancers, and it is currently used along with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. PSK was shown to significantly extend survival at five years or beyond in cancers of the stomach, colon/rectum, esophagus, nasopharynx and lung (non-small cell types) in Japanese trials since 1970. Click here to learn moreAfter you have research The turkey Tail and would like to buy it click here

A combo of turkey tail extract and double-extracted chaga (80 proof vodka then boiling water) has proven to keep stomach cancer recurrence non-existent after tumor removal. No chemo necessary.

Bottom line, your health right now is what is most important. Prevention is the key to Good Health and Longevity.

May you prosper and be in health as your soul prospers

Robert Carrillo Need Help Call 1-407-672-6144

17 thoughts on “Things To Do To Stop Feeding Cancer

  1. I agree with a lot of what you say, but the one major myth I really wish people would stop perpetuating is the myth that cancer cells cannot live in an alkaline environment.

    First of all the body maintains a tight pH since both excess alkalinity and excess acidity is deadly. The internal pH of cancer cells though is actually more alkaline than healthy cells.

    The reason is that cancer cells cannot tolerate an acidic internal pH. Therefore, to help them survive and thrive the cancer cells export acidic hydrogen ions in to the external matrix to allow them to maintain their alkaline pH.

    People try to quote Simoncini’s research to back this myth. What they fail to realize though is that Simoncini was injecting cancer cells directly with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). This can kill cancer cells, as well as healthy cells, through a strong osmotic shift. It is not killing cells through alkalizing.

    In fact, the byproduct of neutralization of acids with bicarbonate is carbonic acid.

    1. Hello Susan. Thank you for visiting. No problem you are welcome to post and comment anytime. My mind set is Prevention the key to good health and longevity. I just found out about this whole food five botanical seeds that can do wonders for chronic pain, Tumors, colds and Flu . Watch this short video – Then to learn more about Rain Soul Liquid supplement click here: –

      We are looking for like minded people that would rather take natural whole food supplements to maintain good optimal health. I invite you to join us. Be blessed Robert

  2. I totally love this kind of website and hope it wakes people up and makes them want to take care of their wonderfully complex bodies. However, there is a link above for almond milk which contains carrageenan. On their site they claim that it is a safe food grade carrageenan yet I have read many times that no form of carrageenan is safe; even so called food grade causes cancer. There is indeed at least one brand out there that doesn’t contain it, but I can’t recall the name and I haven’t been able to find any in any local stores (healthfood or regular supermarket. Here’s just one link of many that explains it: Love this site and will revisit it often! Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Katherine

      Glad that you found us. Guess what? Yesterday at the store I was looking for Organic Almond milk Carrageenan free and only found one that did not have it. The brand is called (SILK Pure Almond).

      I am looking for like minded people to join our team and help us empower others for better health an financial freedom.

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    2. Here is a partial post on Carrageenan ingredient used in Almond Milk and other foods.
      Not good at all.

      Just so you know the Almond Milk brand Carrageenana free is (Silk Pure Almond)

      Over the years Dr. Tobacman has published 18 peer-reviewed studies that address the biological effects of carrageenan and is convinced that it is harmful to human health. In April 2012, she addressed the National Organic Standards Board on this issue and urged reconsideration of the use of carrageenan in organic foods.

      In her presentation, Dr. Tobacman said that her research has shown that exposure to carrageenan causes inflammation and that when we consume processed foods containing it, we ingest enough to cause inflammation in our bodies. She explained that all forms of carrageenan are capable of causing inflammation. This is bad news. We know that chronic inflammation is a root cause of many serious diseases including heart disease, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, and cancer.

      Dr. Tobacman also told the board that in the past, drug investigators actually used carrageenan to cause inflammation in tissues in order to test the anti-inflammatory properties of new drugs. And she reported further that when laboratory mice are exposed to low concentrations of carrageenan for 18 days, they develop “profound” glucose intolerance and impaired insulin action, both of which can lead to diabetes.

      She maintains that both types of carrageenan are harmful and notes that “degraded carrageenan inevitably arises from higher molecular weight (food grade) carrageenan.” Research suggests that acid digestion, heating, bacterial action and mechanical processing can all accelerate degradation of food-grade carrageenan.

      All told, I recommend avoiding regular consumption of foods containing carrageenan. This is especially important advice for persons with inflammatory bowel disease.
      Andrew Weil, M.D.

      Help us get the word out.

  3. Thanks so much for all of this great information. I don’t agree with all of it, but it is nice to have a choice. It has been my experience that, with any chronic illness/disease, one needs, as much as possible, to find out what you might be doing that caused the illness in the first place, and to “not do” as many of these things as possible; otherwise, it can be like having your foot on the gas and the brake pedal at the same time. This is not to “blame” the patient; it just means that sometimes the patient is the only one that can be “detective” in figuring out what is the best course of action in order to get better. Our doctors don’t often have the time to do this (be your detective). I would like to see “A Race for the Cause” in cancer, instead of the event that is partly sponsored by Big Pharma. No one seems to be looking at the cause, only possible “cures” that seem to be based on profit. Just the situation regarding reflux and all the people that are taking antacids and acid-preventing drugs should tell us that it’s not a problem with all these people–it’s a problem with the food!

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    1. Hi Waje – Thank you for stopping by and sharing with us your cancer victory. I’m also a believer of Hemp Oil’s health benefits and support Rick Simpson’s Cannabis oil – Here is his story RUN FROM THE CURE: The Rick Simpson Story –

      You also are sharing with us Doctor Thomas Kelvin’s email as a contact to help with cancer. I don’t know who he is so any one reading this info can contact him at your own risk. I am hoping that the cannabis oil he has is made with Rick Simpson’s formula. Be sure to watch the video to learn all about Rick Simpsons formula. Youo can also visit

      In some states it is illegal to use cannabis in any form. Here is an alternative that can help with many diseases. Dr McCord spent 40 years researching to find this formula that has been proven to reduce your Oxydative Stress by 40% in 30 days. – You can also go here to learn about cancerous tumors and what causes them to show up in people’s bodies. Cancerous Tumors Are You At Risk – We need all of the help we can get. Especially if you want to find a natural alternative to bring you back to health. Help us get the word out.

      Be blessed

    1. Hello Cyndee – Its not that I left them out intentionally. I always welcome any information to help people to fight any disease naturally. I will take a look at the Gerson cure and update my page with info about Gerson’s natural therapy. Be sure to look into Protandim. Dr McCord spent 40 years of research formulating this one amazing supplement that can reduce Oxydative Stress by 40% in 30 days. – You can also go here and see how tumors shrink when taking Protandim – Cancerous Tumors Are You At Risk – when page loads scroll down to see the picture of a dogs tumors just about all gone. Help us get the word out. Be blessed Robert

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  6. I have saved your site and bookmarked it . I found you through face book I am happy to connect with like minded people in the know Thank you for sharing your information knowledge of health and right living. Kindest Barry Anderson aka Chef Barry Gourmet & Raw

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