Stop Drinking Toxic Coffee Its Your Choice

Coffee is the top consuming product in the world 2nd to OIL. Over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day. Nearly 60 percent of Americans drink coffee, and for many the habit is a daily one. But on the down side it has been reported that regular coffee is one of the most heavily pesticide sprayed crops in the world and it is one of the leading causes for among people with advanced (stage III) colon cancer. 

So this is why it is critical to find a natural organic coffee grown pesticide free to eliminate the risk for developing cancer.

Studies indicate that Decaffeinated or Regular Coffee have been found to have huge concentration of the chemical Trichloroethylene which is mainly used as a de-greaser in the metal industry and as a solvent and dry cleaning agent in the clothing industry.

Trichloroethylene is related to the plastic chemical vinyl chloride, that has been linked to certain types of liver cancer.

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Some coffee planters have used these deadly pesticides on their plants for over 30 years. Some include:
– Aldrin – is a persistent, bioacculumative insecticide
– Dieldrin – is a persistent, bioacculumative insecticide
– Chlordane – is a pesticide used on agricultural, gardens, ect….
– Heptachlor – is a cyclodiene insecticide (Most TOXIC)
* Google search this – Coffee Toxic Ingredients

Research indicates that coffee beans are the most significant source of these deadly toxins in U.S. diets. On the other hand our Patented Organic Coffee is 100% certified organic coffee cultivated without NONE of the synthetic or harmful pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals.

Scientific evidence indicates organically grown coffee:
* provides anti-oxidant protection
* protects against type 2 diabetes
* enhances memory
* helps prevent Alzheimer’s
* helps prevent Parkinson’s
* and certain types of cancer

Rain International has found a way to take a delicious cup of coffee and infuse each bean with our proprietary seed blend. We are the first to have made this kind of breakthrough. It allows us to take an already healthful cup of coffee and turn it into an enhanced, super­ source of nutrition.

To learn more about FUSED Organic Coffee Click here – **Important** You will need my ID number to place your order – ID 312515 – Roberto Carrillo 

To place your order you will need my ID 312515 (Roberto Carrillo)

Save on autoship $22.00 – or retail $27.50

Let us introduce you to the first cup of gourmet coffee that tastes as good as it is healthy. This coffee was born from the idea that your morning cup of comfort shouldn’t just be good for your soul, but good for your body as well. Each bean has been artisan-grown, handpicked, and then infused with some of the world’s healthiest seed oils and extracts. Our infusion process is patent pending and the first of its kind. A beautiful union has been created: one part coffee, one part seed blend. A union that will make you feel feelings of satisfaction and warmth that you’ve never felt before.

To learn more about FUSED Organic Coffee Click here – **Important** You will need my ID number to place your order – ID 312515 – Roberto Carrillo 

To research the health benefits of all 7 ingredients in our FUSED Organic coffee:
1– Indian Coffee 
2- Brazilian Coffee – 
3- Grape Seed Extract – 
4- Grape Fruit Seed Extract – 
5- Ganoderma Extract – 
6- Pomegranate Seed Oil – 
7- Black Seed – 

Have questions – call me Robert 407-672-6144 – I can show you how to get the product free. All you pay is shipping and handling.


Bottom line, think prevention and investigate ingredients before drinking or eating foods.  You the consumer have the power to choose. Its your choice Toxic main stream coffee or Organic Coffee.

To your health

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