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In the past 20 years people with Chronic pain has increased tremendously with little or no solution in sight. Millions of people world wide are suffering from chronic pain. For the most part Chronic pain is excruciating and at times is totally incapacitating. Read on for the good news.

So what Causes Pain? A pain can result from a signal sent from your nerves to your brain signaling as a warning or an alarm, to let you know that you’re stepping on a nail or touching a hot stove. However sometimes the signals get stuck and keep firing, and the pain continues. That’s when it becomes chronic.

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The most common sources of chronic pain has been reported to come from headaches, injury, joint pain, backaches, and shoulder pain. Other kinds of chronic pain are tennitus ringing in the ear, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, sinus pain, and pain affecting specific parts of the body, such as the pelvis, and neck. Continuous mild muscle or nerve pain can also develop into a chronic pain.


People that have had trauma injuries or infections at some point will develop ongoing cause of pain. The primary reason for the pain to show up is because the cells have stopped communicating in the process to help your body dump your metabolic waste.

So the many chemicals become stagnated in your body increasing the chances for infections, inflammation and swelling of the joints. This will also lead to depression and emotional imbalances because your neurotransmitters are being over inflamed from Oxydative Stress and free radicals gone wild.

At some point people will then start to use medications that for the most part dose NOT fix the problem and increases your risk for other complications including death.

Clearly we are having an epidemic of chronic pain and millions of people especially women are in need of help. The New York Times just reported that fatal overdoses from prescription pain pills increased fivefold among women from 1999 to 2010, the most recent year for which the federal government has final data. Click here to learn more

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Here is the good news of a natural suggestion for you.
A new breakthrough process of 5 Botanical seed oil extracts that Detox, Oxygenates, Cleanses your blood, increases blood flow and stimulates your cells to dump your metabolic waste.

For centuries SOUL

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Who do you know with chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, Tumors, colds or flu?.
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Each Soul botanical liquid seed has a proprietary blend of:
Nigella Sativa Seed532 published science papers

Black Cumin591 published science papers

D-Ribose – 27,035 published science papers

Black Raspberry Seed 8 published science papers

Raspberry Seed 37 published science papers

Grape Seed1311 published science papers

Trans-Resveratrol5,899 published science papers

Resveratrol upregulates Nrf2 expression to attenuate methylglyoxal-induced insulin resistance in Hep G2 cells.
61 published science papers

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Here is a list of 27 health benefits:
1. Increases energy, performance and stamina
2. Strengthens the immune system
3. Lowers risk of cardiovascular disease
4. Improves brain function
5. Aids in weight reduction
6. Regulates organs and glands
7. Speeds recovery and healing
8. Improves digestion
9. Decreases infection
10. Keeps bones strong
11. Protects genetic material
12. Produces beautiful hair, skin and nails
13. Improves athletic performance
14. Reduces/ prevents inflammation
15. Improves cardiovascular health
16. Boosts production of bone marrow
17. Fights cancer with antioxidants
18. Regulates blood pressure
19. Lowers bad cholesterol
20. Improves vision
21. Anti-aging properties
22.Helps manage and prevent Diabetes
23. Fights Auto-immune disorders
24. Calms upset stomachs
25. Supports healthy child development
26. Eases PMS
27. Prevents hearing loss

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Here are some great SOUL Testimonials:

“When I walk out of my motor coach, it’s not a normal step like walking down ordinary stairs, the coach makes you step sideways as you walk down the 3 steps, that puts pressure (sideways) with all your weight on that one downhill knee.

I really only notice it walking down those stair or in a situation like reading in bed with my knee bent up toward the ceiling . When I straighten it, it snaps and causes a pain in the knee.

After only 4 days after faithfully taking SOUL, the pain in the knee
is definitely gone. I am happy!” – Eric S.

“We just started to use the SOUL pouches by Rain. Fran and I started with one pouch the first day. Fran started taking one pouch 3 times daily and I started taking two pouches daily. I had been suffering from strained muscles in my neck since March. By Saturday August 10th my neck was about 80% better and today August 12th I have -0- Zero pain!!

Also the arthritis pain in my arms has almost disappeared. Great news!! Hopefully, when we go back to the Orthopedic Surgeon on Tuesday, Fran’s broken bones in her foot will show growth.
Thank you SOUL from RAIN!!” – Fran and Glenn S.

“For the past couple years I have had terrible leg cramps in the middle of the night that would awaken me and I would have to get out of bed and walk the floor trying to get my toes to straighten out and for the cramping to stop.

Now after taking Soul for only five days I am sleeping through the night, no more cramping and I awake rested and ready to go. Being ready to go in the past was prevented by a swollen right knee from arthritis which caused me to fear I was going to have to have knee replacement surgery like many of my friends. Now after taking Soul the swelling in that knee has gone done considerably and the soreness is almost gone and I am indeed ready to go. To go with increased energy, I now walk further.

At age 71 since taking Soul my skin is firmer and thicker. The wrinkles on my face, neck, hands and arms have improved by 50%. My face and hands look years younger. I no longer am embarrassed to wear my rings.

In 1991 I had non-hodgins lymphoma and took extensive chemo. With a weakened immune system I was opened up for diseases to attack my body. Four years ago I began to have attacks of Trigeminal Neuralgia. If you look this disease up on ‘YouTube’ you will see it is called the suicide disease because it is so painful.

When I had these attacks I could not speak, eat, brush my teeth, or wash my face. The pain went through my left temple, across my cheek, through the roof of my mouth and through my tongue. Surgeons wanted to cut the nerve that caused this but I could lose my hearing, my face could become like stone on that side and the pain could continue so I decided to just live with it. I found only one thing that helped the pain and could not afford to purchase it.

I am so excited that since taking Soul my pain is 95% gone! An additional benefit a big one, for the past ten years doctors have said I have sarcoidosis and the disease has caused scaring in my lungs and nodules to form which limits my breathing.

With Soul I am breathing deeper, my lungs are opening up and I have increased air in my lungs. With the additional oxygen I am thinking clearer and my memory has improved.
Nodules on my vocal cords have made it painful for me to speak and nine years ago I lost my job as a receptionist because of the quality of my voice. Once again with Soul my voice has tremendously improved and I can sing again!”
– Carol

“As I have become older, I have developed rheumatoid arthritis. My whole life I have been active and enjoyed doing things with my hands. As my condition worsened, the joints in my hands and wrists have become so painful that normal activities are sometimes impossible.

It is difficult to imagine the frustration I have felt as I have worked with doctors to treat my condition. I have been told that there is not much that can be done, and that really the only thing I can do is take prescription anti-inflammatory medicine and other types of pain killers.

While those treatments help to a degree, I am worried about the long-term effects their side effects may have on my health. A few months ago, I was introduced to Rain and Soul. I can’t believe what has happened.

My inflammation and pain in my affected joints is much improved. Even my emotional and psychological state is better knowing that I can manage my arthritis with the help of such an incredible natural product.
Thank you Rain! ”. – Karen B

“I’m so excited about this Soul. All I had was your word and a strong gut feeling that this is for me, so I signed up. You and my gut feeling was ever so right.

Within 3 days the diabetic nerve damage in the bottom of my feet was gone. I’ve suffered for 8 years with this pain and sometimes it was so bad I couldn’t sleep.

This is unbelievable I’m afraid people want believe me. Just think, if it is working on my feet, what is it doing on the other parts of my body? I’m sold! – Cheryl

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