The Silent Killer Oxidative Stress

What is Oxidative Stress? What can you do to keep Oxidative Stress from taking over your body and prevent disease. Especially when it has been scientifically validated that Oxidative Stress has been linked to over 200 diseases.

Watch John Quiñones with ABC Prime Time News do an investigated report interview with Dr McCord the #1 research scientist on Antioxidants, Free Radical and Oxidative Stress. Why is John Quiñones with ABC Prime Time News interviewing Dr McCord? Because ABC science research division heard that Dr McCord has BROKEN the Oxidative Stress Code and they wanted proof.

John Quiñones during the interview agreed to participate in the study. He was supposed to try the product and come back in 30 days but he came back after only 2 weeks.

You really need to see the ABC Primetime News Report to really understand the impact of the results after John came back in 2 weeks.

Did you hear that? John Quiñones oxidative stress was dropped by 45% in just 14 days. We have a study that is PUBLISHED that says Protandim reduces oxidative stress in EVERYONE at EVERY AGE…, even an 80 year old by an average of 40% in just 30 days to that of a 20 year old. Click here

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So … now you can continue reading to learn EXACTLY what oxidative stress is and what it DOES and WHY we HAVE IT, and most of all how Dr McCord has BROKEN the Oxidative Stress Code.

So what is Oxidative Stress? Oxidative Stress represents an imbalance in your body between the systemic manifestation of reactive oxygen species and a biological system’s ability to readily detoxify the reactive intermediates or to repair the resulting damage. Disturbances in the normal state of cells can cause toxic effects through the production of peroxides and free radicals that damage all components of the cell, including proteins, lipids, and DNA. Further, some reactive oxidative species act as cellular messengers in cell to cell communication. Thus, oxidative stress can cause disruptions in normal mechanisms of cellular signaling.

Oxidative stress causes DAMAGE to the cells of your body. Can cause MUTATIONS: Changes NORMAL cells to ABNORMAL ones. It speeds up aging process and it will deactivate your NRF2 survival genes. Depreciating the function of your three master critical enzymes Glutathione, Catalase and Super Oxide Dismutase.

It is LINKED to over 200 diseases including Cancer, Diabetes, and Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, MS, Parkinson’s, ALS, Fibromyalgia and many, many more!

Here are the TOP 5 Oxidative Stress diseases affecting millions of people.
1- Cardiovascular Disease – The #1 killer in the last 100 years.
Over 17300 papers science research papers filed. Click here

2- Cancer – Over 12600 science research papers filed. Click here * This is a recent discovery about breast cancer and Oxidative Stress Click here

3- Diabetes – Over 9800 science research papers filed. Click here

4- Alzheimer’s – Over 4000 science research papers filed. Click here

5- Obesity – Over 2000 science research papers filed. Click here

Oxidative Stress happens because of toxins in the air we breathe. The water we drink with added CHEMICALS to make it “safe”. Our food contains additives, preservatives, insecticides and fungicides. Consuming food coloring dyes are DAMAGING our cells. We breath BENZENE when we pump gas….we breathe in JET FUEL when we fly….we breathe in DEISEL fuel all day every day as we walk, drive and live our lives! We put the cell phone up to our heads…changing the cells of our BRAINS! The EMF’s (electro-magnetic frequencies) from the microwave oven and the car battery are DAMAGING our cells! This is ALL oxidative stress causing Free Radicals to go wild inside your body.

Based on what I just told you… WHO do you think NEEDS Protandim? EVERYONE!

What can you do to keep Oxidative Stress from taking over your body and maintain optimal health?

Feed your body the raw natural herbal materials so that your body will rebuild, repair and maintain your health naturally. Protandim has been scientifically proven in a published peer-reviewed study to increase your body’s productions of Glutathione levels by 300%. There is no other means by which our body can increase our production of Glutathione naturally at this scale! Glutathione is the MASTER ANTIOXIDANT and the MOST IMPORTANT ANTIOXIDANT in your body! Protandim will also help support theses other 2 critical enzymes Catalase and SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase).

If you don’t understand what this means – please watch this videos.

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What is a Direct Antioxidant? It is an antioxidant not made by the body naturally. They are the antioxidants that we take into our bodies through food, like vegetables, fruits and vitamins.

What is an Indirect Antioxidant? They are a network of enzymes made by the body design to defend, protect and rebuild damaged cells against oxidative stress by feeding the raw natural materials so your body can make its own antioxidants.

Protandim is an Indirect Antioxidant being recognized as the most important scientific breakthrough of all natural products ever formulated for prevention the key to optimal health in the fight against Oxidative Stress.

If you can fall in love with this product and some very basic business ideas that I will share with you … I can show you how to GET It FREE and build residual income.

– First: I am going to tell you the COMPANY Story
– Then: I am going to tell you the PRODUCT Story
– Then: I am going to tell you about Mr. David Brown Story
– Then: I am going to tell you the RESIDUAL INCOME Story

About the company story – The ABC Prime Time News Clip with John Quiñones interviewing Dr McCord aired back in 2005…and at the END it USED to say, “For more information…go to ( and everybody DID!

They emailed…. They called…..they ordered the product…. 5 million orders came in. Stock went from $1 to $20 OVER NIGHT on SHEER SPECULATION as to what Protandim could DO inside people’s bodies! There was only ONE PROBLEM……. Dr Joe McCord is a RESEARCHER and a SCIENTIST! He is NOT a marketing guy……No sales team/ no marketing team! No infrastructure:

Even Oprah’s people called and …wanted to feature Dr. Joe McCord and his product…. His only question was “Who’’s OPRAH?” Never even called her BACK!

Other people saw the clip too: doctors, researchers and scientists wanting to know more about Protandim!

So today…we have 15 PEER REVIEWED….PUBLISHED studies on Protandim at ( …national institute of Health’s website! (More about THAT later!) Let me just tell you… the FIRST study DONE concluded that Protandim reduces oxidative stress in EVERYONE at EVERY AGE…even an 80 year old… by an average of 40% to that of a 20 year old. WOW!

So, we have a great STUDY. Great anecdotal evidence…shareholders frustrated. HOW are we going to get this OUT TO THE PEOPLE? Online didn’t work. GNC …sold ¼ bottle per store per month for 4 years.

Then came Mr. David Brown: Current President and former CEO of billion dollar nutritional company and Corp attorney for 20 years took ONE LOOK at the ABC Primetime video with John Quiñones interviewing Dr McCord and said,” “This needs to be person to person. “There is a giant story here that needs to be told.”

Person to person distribution: nothing more powerful than word of mouth advertising. NOTHING is more powerful than when I share from my heart with someone that I care about….. that this product is.. ALL NATURAL, all BOTANICAL with no known side effects, no known drug interactions. All that you pay is $40 per month for one pill a day for 30 days.

You have NOTHING to lose and everything to gain right ?

Before Networking: 3 million per year {While in the retail stores}
Then in 2009 after David Brown met with Dr McCord and share holders to implement the Residual Income Network Marketing concept.
– 1st year: in Networking – 10 million
– 2nd year: 39 million
– 3rd year: 120.2 million
– 4th year: poised to close off over 200 million.

So the key question is why is Networking getting better results in sales? Because the company is sharing their wealth with any one that buys the products and tells others about it.

They have put in place a simple method for people that like the idea of:
1- Getting free product – Buy qty 1 or more on auto ship and receive a $10 credit on referrals. Just join as a preferred customer.
2- People that see the vision and the potential to make a lot of money will join as distributors and billed Residual Income with a team of like minded people that want to help others do the same.
– Join at the low level $50 Kit + qty 1 Protandim – qty 1 $40 True Science $70 = $160 + s/h (leave money on table) – You can upgrade to the Lifevantage pack at anytime.
– Join with Lifevantage pack $630 +s/h. Opens all 6 income streams to capture all the money.

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We have NO competition with Lifevantage:
1. Independent Studies – with over 25 Universities researching Protandim.

2. We have 16 peer reviewed science research papers filed with pubmed – Click here

3. Nrf2 Activator – We are the only company which has a clinically proven all natural Nrf2 activator. Helping to regulate your survival genes, improving cell to cell communication instructing them to do what they’re already designed to do and that is to up-regulate “survival genes,” Click to watch video

4. We have a product that is “clinically proven” to reduce one of the most destructive elements ALL mammal suffer from called Oxidative Stress.

5. We have one of the foremost authorities on free radical biology in the world Dr. Joe McCord

6. We have a $40 product, a $70 Skin Care product and a $25 Canine product – very fairly priced.

7. We started out in the Retail Model and switched to Network Marketing. Retail did not work.

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My final thoughts. Prevention is the key to good health and longevity. You must do all in your power to maintain good health and keep an open mind for opportunities that can change lives and bar none this is one of them.

Be blessed in all that you do

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