[Vaccines Revealed]: Opening Episode 1 – Live for 24 Hours

[Vaccines Revealed]: Opening Episode 1 – Live for 24 Hours

It’s Here!

Episode 1 premiered tonight

I’ll be interviewing Dr. Andrew Wakefield. You might think you know who he is, but if you’ve not seen him interviewed before, make sure you don’t miss this. He will be outlining his story. In many ways, it was Dr. Andy Wakefield that got this whole vaccine movement started.

At 5:43 in this episode, Dr. Wakefield tells the story of his son’s encounter with an orthopedic surgeon – and how the zeal to make money in medicine overrides the narrative and need of the patient.

If you’ve ever felt unheard in your role as a parent by your child’s doctor – you’ll love what he has to say about your essential responsibility in your child’s health – and how important parental instinct is.

Next, you’ll hear from Gary Goldman. Gary was a CDC Researcher, and the things he has to say about his experience there will help you understand what is going on in the darker corners of the industry.

Why does a decrease in Chicken Pox directly link to an increase in the painful disease Shingles? See exactly how this occurs at 1:01:27 in this episode. You’ll also hear how he resigned because he did not want to be part of research fraud.

Lastly, this episode introduces you to Dr. Toni Bark. Hear her comments about the wildly controversial vaccine, Gardasil at 1:28:28.

Please enjoy this Episode – and help support this movement by sharing.

Glad To Have You With Us!


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