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[The Truth About Vaccines (TTAV)]: It’s Here! Episode 1

The premiere episode of TTAV is set to go live tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern and it’s PACKED with information you need to know about.

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All episodes open at 9:00 PM Eastern (US time) on the date listed below and will be available for 24 hours. After that, the next episode will be automatically loaded for you to watch.

Since Episode 1 stays live on YouTube, I will post the 1st Episode here.

The Truth About Vaccines Docu-series – Episode 1 | Robert F. Kennedy Jr Interview | Smallpox Vaccine

TTAV Schedule:

January 25 – Episode 1: The History of Vaccines, Smallpox, Vaccine Safety & the Current CDC Schedule
January 26 – Episode 2: What’s in a Vaccine? Are Vaccines Effective? … and … What About Polio?
January 27 – Episode 3: An Analysis of the MMR & DTaP Vaccines & Vaccinating for the Greater Good
January 28 – Episode 4: Examining Influenza, the HIB and Pneumococcal Vaccines & Herd Immunity
January 29 – Episode 5: Considering the HPV and Hepatitis B Vaccines, SIDS & Shaken Baby Syndrome
January 30 – Episode 6: A Closer Look at the CDC, Chicken-Pox and Rotavirus Vaccines & Retroviruses
January 31 – Episode 7: Natural Immunization, Homeoprophylaxis & Fundamental Freedom of Choice



Do you wanna know the truth… about vaccines?

There’s an argument going on among parents all over the country right now. And if you haven’t heard it already, you will…

Maybe at the doctor’s office…

Maybe in the school-pick up line…

Soccer practice…

And just about everywhere else anyone is discussing our kids and their health.

It goes like this…

“YOUR unvaccinated kid is making MY kid sick.”

This is really happening.

And it’s resulting in friendships breaking up; even physical confrontations between grown adults.

Listen, we all just want our kids to be safe, healthy, and happy.

But there’s a major debate about the best way to do that, and right now it seems neither side can even hear what the other is saying.

Doctors are weighing in, the media is weighing in, even government is weighing in and pushing to make some vaccines mandatory.

If you have children or grandchildren, it’s time to get the facts on BOTH sides of the issue — the good and the bad — without hype, pressure, or propaganda.

The brilliant team behind one of the most successful health documentary series in history has turned its eye firmly to investigating the “pro vs. anti” vaccine safety debate.

They’ve pulled together more than 60 of the foremost experts on the planet to give you a “no holds barred” look at BOTH sides so you can get the very best information for your own family.

Their brand new documentary series, “The Truth About Vaccines,” is coming soon and I’ve got a way for you to watch it 100% for free.

Click Here To Watch It >>

No matter what side of the debate you find yourself on, be prepared to have some eye-opening moments.

May the truth about vaccines be known worldwide,

P.S. This is an issue that can’t be resolved with fist fights or forced legislation. It’s time for every parent and grandparent to get the truth.

Click HERE to find out more…