[Autoimmune Secrets] Episode 6: The Connection Between Autoimmune, Obesity, Diabetes, and Cancer

(Episode 6) The Connection Between Autoimmune, Obesity, Diabetes, and Cancer


Episode 6, titled Is Autoimmunity Just the Beginning? The Connection Between Autoimmunity, Obesity, Diabetes, and Cancer, is now playing.

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In tonight’s program, we’ll be covering

•    Gut problems and weight gain
•    The role of obesity in the development of Autoimmune Disease
•    Weight-loss health benefits
•    And much more!

Be sure to tune in and watch tonight’s episode here.

Keeping yourself at a healthy weight is one of the best things you can do for Autoimmune Disease. In episode 6 (playing now), we explore how obesity actually influences  the development of Autoimmune Disease, and what steps can be taken to maintain  or achieve a healthy weight.

Check it out now!  Episode 6 ends  at 9 pm Eastern, and then Episode 7 will begin.

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Thank you to everyone who left us a comment. Here are a few:

“I love this series !!!! There is so much helpful information!!!” ~Michelle

“Fabulous episode with the mind-body connection. I appreciate the time and energy that each expert shared to continue my journey to wellness. Thank you so much.” ~Cheryl

“Thank you. Amazing information – helping me move forward.” ~Lynn

“Loved this episode,so many good remedies we must apply to our guts. Mind-blowing actually!!!  I thank you so much for this series and would like to buy so family can see as well.” ~Denise

“Wow! I learned so much, thank you so much. I’ve shared it heaps!” ~Joyce

“This is a terrific series. I hope that everyone will all take advantage of this. It is so informative.” ~Diane

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The sixth episode airs tonight at 9 pm Eastern, when it will be available for the next 24 hours.

It is titled “Is Autoimmunity Just the Beginning? The Connection Between Autoimmunity, Obesity, Diabetes, and Cancer.”

Enjoy your day and I’ll see you tonight :-).

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