[Essential Oils for Abundant Living Video Masterclass]: Lesson 7: Cooking with Essential Oils

Lesson 7: Cooking with Essential Oils

Hello! Welcome to Day 7 of our 10-Part Video Masterclass. Today we will be learning about Cooking with Essential Oils. Are you excited!?!

As a reminder, this video lesson will be available for 24 hours. On Feb 27, at 9:00 pm EST, Lesson 7 will be taken down and we will feature Lesson 8.

Keep an eye out for an email before 9:00 pm EST with your Lesson 8 access link.


Smell that? It’s a pot of Mama Z’s vegetable stew flavored with rosemary, basil, and oregano essential oils.

Or, it could be the homemade guacamole she puts in the 7-layer vegan taco dip enhanced with cilantro oil!


Some people are a little leery to use their essential oils for cooking, because few people teach the concept clearly enough. Let’s tackle this topic and help you answer questions like, “How do you know how many drops of oil will replace a teaspoon of dried basil?”

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Lesson 7: Cooking with Essential Oils

To wrap up our 3-part Natural Solutions for a Toxic-Free Home mini-series, we’re going to finish with food.

The trick is to start small… make it your goal to use essential oils in one recipe each week. Start with a drop. It won’t take much!

In this lesson we’ll talk about the health benefits of using essential oils when we cook for our families, and how to do it the right way!

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