[Essential Oils for Abundant Living Video Masterclass]: Lesson 8: Preventing Disease with Essential Oils

Lesson 8: Preventing Disease with Essential Oils

Hello! Welcome to Day 8 of our 10-Part Video Masterclass. Today we will be learning about Preventing Disease with Essential Oils. Are you excited!?!

As a reminder, this video lesson will be available for 24 hours. On Feb 28, at 9:00 pm EST, Lesson 8 will be taken down and we will feature Lesson 9.

Keep an eye out for an email before 9:00 pm EST with your Lesson 9 access link.

Hope you enjoy!

The moment you have been waiting for…

Lesson 8 – Regaining Control of Your Health

Preventing Disease with Essential Oils!

This is where all of your hard work pays off and we can now start to build on the strategies, safety guidelines and DIY use tips that we have learned thus far to elevate your health to an entirely new level. Because, at the end of the day, what’s the point of smelling good and going to all the trouble of DIY’ing if you’re sick all the time, right?

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Remember: Essential oils aren’t just natural medicine to be reserved for when you’re sick. You will find yourself getting sick less, recover quicker when do get sick and put yourself in the position where you will NOT be a chronic disease statistic IF you start to proactively use essential oils to boost your immune system, aid in detoxification, reduce stress & inflammation and promote harmony throughout your body.

And, we’re NOT talking about dropping some frankincense in your mouth everyday like people pop multi-vitamins to “boost” their immune systems without thinking twice about what they’re doing or why they are doing it!

We will show you PROVEN strategies to prevent disease before it ever gets a chance to settle in and suggest safe, effective ways to use essential oils on a regular basis.

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Session 3 (Regaining Control of Your Health):

Feb 27 Lesson 8: Preventing Disease with Essential Oils
Feb 28 Lesson 9: Treating Disease with Essential Oils
Feb 29 Lesson 10: Advanced Strategies & Protocols

EO4AL Lesson 8: Preventing Disease with Essential Oils

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