Essential Oils Masterclass Starts Tomorrow!

How many of you are using essential oils instead of vaccines and TamiFlu to get well and as a preventative?

Quite a few of us, actually.

We have been using various essential oils for anti-microbial needs, as a preventative, and diffusing them to disinfect the air.  Even those we know who have caught this current “chemtrail” flu have used them in capsules to knock whatever out of their systems.  The vaccinated are mostly affected, but a few non-vax folks still have caught it, especially if they go out quite a bit, like to work, errands, etc…

Want to learn about essential oils and how to use them? Check out this new series!

Go here to sign up for the Essential Oils Masterclass:

We are so excited!  We are already distributors for doTERRA, so this will be very helpful in knowing how to use them properly.  We know most of it, but there is always something new we haven’t heard of yet.

Setting the Foundation

Lesson 1: Aromatherapy History & Basics
Lesson 2: Inhalation Guide & Safety Tips
Lesson 3: Topical Application Guide & Safety Tips
Lesson 4: Internal Use Guide & Safety Tips

Natural Solutions for a Toxic-Free Home

Lesson 5: DIY Body Care Products
Lesson 6: DIY Cleaning Products
Lesson 7: Cooking with Essential Oils

Regaining Control of Your Health

Lesson 8: Preventing Disease with Essential Oils
Lesson 9: Treating Disease with Essential Oils
Lesson 10: Advanced Strategies & Protocols

Go here to sign up for the Essential Oils Masterclass

A couple of videos with testimonials:



Attention Essential Oils Distributors and Enthusiasts!

We’d love to have you join us as an affiliate for this Masterclass event — delivering more information for the world to live healthier and happier lives…it’s what we all do! Thank you in advance!

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