[Men’s Wellness Summit] Day 2: Easy to implement, diverse exercise strategies for every fitness level or age

DAY 2 (February 27, after 10am US eastern)

Today’s action-packed lineup at The Men’s Wellness Summit discusses the hidden health benefits of exercise and the science behind it. Learn easy-to-implement, diverse movement strategies no matter your physical fitness level or age. Join us even if you’ve never exercised, if you’re a father looking to get healthier or if you want to take your athletic performance to the next level! Let’s all get out there and move more!

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If you’re a man (or concerned about one in your life), join us to learn from these experts who cover the most important chronic conditions facing men today.

[LEARN TODAY] Easy to implement, diverse exercise strategies for every fitness level or age.
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Dan M. Ritchie, PhD

Functional Movement for Healthy Aging

What You’ll Learn –
What is functional fitness?
Common challenges that stop us from exercising
Powerful health benefits of a consistent movement practice

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Tyna Moore, ND, DC

Muscle as an Antidote to Pain

What You’ll Learn –
Why is muscle medicine?
Anti-aging benefits of muscle mass
Do’s and don’ts of starting a strengthening program

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Ben Greenfield

Tools to Optimize Performance

What You’ll Learn –
Sleep: an underestimated tool to enhance performance
Tools and techniques to optimize recovery
Using heart rate variability to assess fitness

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This would hold true for all of us.  Men, Women and Children.  Our furbabies need their quality sleep too.


Anthony Balduzzi, NMD

Fitness and Nutrition for Fathers

What You’ll Learn –
Get expert advice on nutrition and physical fitness
From short-term weight loss to a lifelong commitment
Discover hidden health benefits of exercise

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Thoughts and Comments:

There are ALOT of online events happening right now.  We have very little time to share this with our readers, as well as watch/listen to them ourselves.

We have:

Essential Oils For Abundant Living Masterclass
Autoimmune Secrets
The Tapping World Summit
Men’s Wellness Summit (this one!)
And the iThrive Diabetes Summit (starts tonight!)

There is very little time for well thought-out commentary. I can post others’ feedback and comments, as I see them.

We have no expectation of you all attending ALL of these listed, but it’s good list to choose maybe one or two of them.



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