[Men’s Wellness Summit]: Welcome To Day 1!

DAY 1 (February 26, after 10am US eastern)

Our speakers at The Men’s Wellness Summit will give you a brilliant overview of the factors most contributing to chronic health problems in men. Learn to not only survive, but to thrive. Learn to be your own “health hero” and innovator of change in your community. It’s time to usher in a new era of healthcare, and it starts with you! Learn today online for free…it’ll be good for all of us!

Registration Link:  http://healthaffiliate.center/20319-23.html

Together we can help more men implement these practical ways to improve energy, lose weight, boost brain power, maximize athletic and sexual performance, live longer, have long-lasting relationships and feel better than ever before.

This Men’s Wellness Summit will provide:

* Strategies to boost testosterone levels (and have better sex!)
* Advice to reverse heart disease and prevent diabetes
* Dietary/fitness tips to lose weight, perform better and optimize wellbeing
* Ways to handle stress, reduce anxiety and have great sleep
* Tools to detox the body of chemicals that negatively impact your health
* And more!

The Men’s Wellness Summit is online and free from February 26 – March 5, 2018!

#MensWellness Summit started today!
Hey guys, time to stop being stuck, unmotivated and unwilling to participate in health!




Naveen Jain

Beyond the Impossible: The New Superpower Breed of Humans

What You’ll Learn –
Break down big problems into small tasks (and land on the moon!)
Living in a world where sickness is optional
Mindset of world-class problem-solvers

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James Maskell

How to Get Healthy at an Affordable Cost

What You’ll Learn –
Why the current healthcare model is becoming obsolete
It’s the community, not medicine, that creates health
3 ways to attain affordable, yet quality care

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Tim Corcoran

One with Nature, One with Health

What You’ll Learn –
Role of nature in human development
Power of having a tribe
Significance of rites of passage: finding your purpose

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Partha Nandi MD, FACP

How to Be Your Own Health Hero

What You’ll Learn –
What is causing today’s health problems?
5 pillars for maximal health
Health secrets to improve longevity

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Thoughts and Comments:

There are several online events happening right now, and another one starting tomorrow.  Comments will be very minimal, if any at all, because in addition to posting, we also love catching as many of them as we can marathon watch.  But we DO LOVE all of our favorite guys!!


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In this day and time of BIG pHARMa oppression, we all HAVE to be able to take care of ourselves, because now we are truly on our own regarding true and holistic health.

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Men's Wellness Summit

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