[10th Annual Tapping World Summit:] Days 4 and 5

Days 4 and 5 of the Tapping World Summit:



Day 4 – The Tapping Miracle: How to Jumpstart Healing and Eliminate Physical Pain From Your Body

(These presentations are available until 8 P.M. EST)


Dr. Kim D’Eramo

The Power of Tapping to Heal Your Body: How to Reverse the Most Chronic Medical Challenges

Duration: 55:23


Kris Carr

Managing Chronic Illness: The Importance of Letting Go and Becoming the CEO of Your Own Well-Being

Duration: 57:29


Jessica Ortner

Bonus Tapping Meditation

Healing Your Body Tapping Meditation

Duration: 12:42


Dr. Erin Shannon

Celebrating 10 Years!

In honor of our 10 year anniversary of the Tapping World Summit, we’ve selected our best interviews from the past nine years. As a very special thank you we are featuring one each day.

The Marriage Between Traditional Psychology and Tapping

Duration: 41:02


Day 5 lineup:


Day 5 – Your Healthiest Body: How to Use Tapping for Lasting Weight Loss and Body Confidence



The Dieting Treadmill: Ending Your Frustrating Diet Cycle and Finally Losing Weight!

Expert: Jon Gabriel

Duration: 49:22


Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much

Expert: Colette Baron-Reid

Duration: 54:34


Tapping Meditation for Weight Loss

Expert: Jessica Ortner

Duration: 14:07


2013 Tapping Into Self-Care: Finding the Power to Say No to Others and Yes to Yourself

Expert: Cheryl Richardson



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