[Autoimmune Secrets] Episodes 1 – 7: Weekend Marathon Weekend Replay

[Autoimmune Secrets]  Episodes 1 – 7:  Weekend Marathon Weekend Replay

The Autoimmune Secrets 7-part series summit has been VERY POPULAR and if you are concerned about autoimmune disease or know someone with it, today and tomorrow are the last days the entire 7 episodes will be available to watch, for FREE.


And, if you want to OWN the series, the steep discounted price is also available this weekend as well. You can watch and/or buy, right here:




We’re reading your comments and receiving your support tickets… You told us your lives are extra busy at this time of year, or an urgent need took up your time, or you didn’t find out about our series until some episodes had already ended, or for whatever reason, you just couldn’t get around to watching one or more of our Autoimmune Secrets episodes when it was live…

We’re listening, and we want to help you out. Soooo, we are replaying all 7 episodes for free, starting right now, through the weekend until Sunday night at midnight EST.

Watch all 7 episodes here

And please share the link with all your friends and loved ones so they too can benefit from this valuable information.

We also read your many posted questions about specific health issues and information provided in the videos. Soooo, we asked our Experts to answer your questions, and we created two Q & A videos with their answers.

We’re also going to extend the ‘early bird’ offer through Sunday night at midnight. It’s not fair to those of you wanting more insight and understanding before you order to miss out on the 60% off sale, so that’s why we’re making this brief extension for that as well.

We’ve made ALL the bonuses available to you until tomorrow night also… which I’m sure is a relief to you if you’re considering, but haven’t made the step yet.

Q & A Part 1 is live here now

Q & A Part 2 will be available tomorrow morning.  We’ll send you an email when it goes live. Or, just refresh the Replay page from time to time, and Part 2 will show up when it’s live.

I am truly blessed and privileged to have been able to share this valuable information with you and to receive your support through your comments and purchases. Thank you!

Please enjoy the videos during this free replay weekend, and be sure to invite everyone you know to watch them also.  You just might save a life.

Send them straight here by giving them this link: https://autoimmunesecrets.com/replays

And there’s no registration required 🙂

With love,

Jonathan Otto

Autoimmune Secrets

P.S If you’re excited about the reopening of all episodes, think about what it will be like to own all the episodes, plus everything else we are offering, so you can share everything with your loved ones at any time…

Now’s the time to make sure you don’t miss out. Just click the banner or button under any of the videos to get started today 🙂



We’d love to have you join us as an affiliate for this awesome event — delivering more information for the world to live healthier and happier lives…it’s what we all do! Thank you in advance!

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