[iThrive: Rising from the depths of DIABETES and OBESITY!] Episode 6: 3 Deadly Traps

[Episode 6 is LIVE NOW] 3 Deadly Traps

Please GO HERE to Watch Episode 6

We’re about to learn what almost no one knows about:

Why it’s so difficult to change our food habits,

What it’s not “your fault”

The 3 Deadly Traps that counter-act our conscious intentions

It’s the 6th out of 9 Episodes in iThrive! Rising from the Depths of Diabetes & Obesity.

Tonight we continue where we left off in Episode 5.

We’re going to go deep with a clinical psychologist who takes a revolutionary biological approach to psychology.

Plus, tonight I’m personally commenting again on the controversy over diet and the food industry.

I hope you tune in RIGHT HERE.

– Jon McMahon

(and the whole iThrive team)

PS.  I love getting your comments!  Nicky B. recently left this comment:

“Wow !!!! Another eye-opening episode. I feel like I am taking condensed holistic nutrition classes and loving every minute of it. Thank you 1000 times for bringing this docuseries to us Health Seekers”

Thanks, Nicky!  There’s lots more to come.

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