[iThrive: Rising from the depths of DIABETES and OBESITY!] Episode 8: From Fasting To Re-Connection. Essential Tools For An iThrive Lifestyle

[EPISODE 8] End your diabetes with FASTING

YES, Episode 8 is LIVE!  Click here to watch.

Last night our guest said, “You will not get well unless you fix the cell.”

And he also…

“You can’t get severe diabetics well without fasting them.”

And you know what?  FASTING made a huge difference for me, and launched my own transformation!

So, let’s talk about fasting–and a complete toolbox for Thriving!

Join us:

Episode 8: From Fasting To Re-Connection. Essential Tools For An iThrive Lifestyle.

This is how we THRIVE!

Jon McMahon

(& the whole iThrive Team!)

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