[iThrive: Rising from the depths of DIABETES and OBESITY!] RISE UP! (or stay in bed) It’s our Replay Weekend Marathon

RISE UP! (or stay in bed) It’s our Replay Weekend Marathon Starting Tomorrow.

All 9 episodes of the iThrive docuseries are available for binge-viewing for Free for just 36 hours.

==> https://ithriveseries.ontraport.com/t?orid=94006&opid=14

These 9 feature length episodes document the tale of an unlikely hero rising up to take on the medical and sickcare establishment–and challenge the “common sense” and sacred cows that is killing us.

Obese and diabetic with one foot in the grave, Jon McMahon, must storm the country and find answers to save his own life before it’s too late. Just as his journey begins, his feet are burnt in a fire he couldn’t feel due to his neuropathy. Doctors warn him to cancel his docuseries project and stay off his feet for months so they can heal.

But no. Jon’s tired of just surviving. He’s going to learn to Thrive–or die trying. Deep inside is the dream of changing even one person’s life.

He sets off as a one-man camera crew and a first-time cameraman and producer, building a rag tag team of allies as he goes.

He returns months later to share what he’s learned with humanity. Right here in this 9-part docuseries.

Did ya miss it? It played for free over the last week and a half.

Well you’ve got 36 hours to binge-watch it starting tomorrow. Enjoy!

==> https://ithriveseries.ontraport.com/t?orid=94006&opid=14



We’d love to have you join us as an affiliate for this diabetes event — delivering more information for the world to live healthier and happier lives…it’s what we all do!

Affiliate:  http://affiliates.ithriveseries.com/?orid=94006&opid=16

Thank you in advance!


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