[Men’s Wellness Summit] Day 4: Optimize testosterone levels, eradicate prostate cancer and improve your sexual health!

DAY 4 (March 1, after 10am US eastern)

Are you struggling with sexual dysfunction or infertility? Are urinary problems wreaking havoc on your life? Today, our great lineup of experts at The Men\’s Wellness Summit tackles these problems. Join me and learn about treatment options for improving sexual health and fertility, optimizing testosterone levels and eradicating prostate cancer.

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The Men’s Wellness Summit will help you understand and address strategies to boost testosterone levels (and have better sex!); advice to reverse heart disease and prevent diabetes; dietary/fitness tips to lose weight, perform better and optimize wellbeing; ways to handle stress, reduce anxiety and have great sleep; tools to detox the body of chemicals that negatively impact your health; and more!

[LEARN TODAY] Optimize testosterone levels, eradicate prostate cancer and improve your sexual health!
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Geo Espinosa, ND, L.Ac, IFMCP, CNS

Integrative Intervention for Prostate Cancer

What You’ll Learn –
Surprising factors that can cause prostate cancer
CAPless method: a prescription to better prostate health
Powerful natural supplements to eradicate prostate cancer

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Josh Gitalis, CNP, RNCP, IFMCP

Natural Strategies for Optimizing Male Fertility

What You’ll Learn –
Nutrition tips for sperm health
Detoxification for fertility
Specialized tests for assessing sperm quality

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Eric Yarnell, ND, RH(AHG)

Natural Therapeutics for Prostate Problems

What You’ll Learn –
Most common prostate-related conditions
Root causes of urological complaints
Natural treatments for prostate problems

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Ty Vincent, MD

Do You Have Low Testosterone?

What You’ll Learn –
Alarming statistics on low testosterone
Warning signs and consequences of hormone imbalance
Treatment options for optimizing testosterone levels

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Thoughts and Comments:

Maybe at the end of all these, we can do one post with commentary on all of them. I realize that these various events are ALOT of information to take in. I listen and/or watch which ever ones I can, and will grab any missed in the weekend marathon replays.



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