Episode 3: TTAPC docu-series – Pet Vaccines – “Do’s & Don’ts”

New Episode tonight at 9:00pm Eastern!

Episode 3: Pet Vaccines – “Do’s & Don’ts” (Friday, April 6th 9:00PM Eastern US time) Register Here —> http://bit.ly/2GvF7uC

When your vet recommends vaccines for your pet, do you take it for granted it’s good for your pet’s health?

Who’s ready for Episode 3 of The Truth About PET Cancer? 

We sure are! Watch this small clip below of Ty’s interview with Dr. Allen Schoen’s for a little taste of what’s to come tonight.  And following some quote info-graphics…



To watch episode 3 starting at 9pm ET, just follow this link. –> http://bit.ly/2GvF7uC

Vaccines, pet food, flea treatments, etc., etc. can all lead to cancer in pets, now their leading cause of death – 12 million per year get cancer! Add to that ineffective conventional cancer treatments for pets and it becomes painfully obvious that this is a huge problem for us.

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Have one cat (Miracle) that is vax-free.  Breezy was a stray and was already neutered, so it’s possible he may have had some from original owner.  And since NO ONE claimed him, we kept him.  No way were we ever going to turn him away. Nothing is wrong with him.  He’s perfect and so sweet, although he gives Miracle a run for his money.

Pet(s) of the Day…

Kissy’s Kats


Was adopted by daughter from their local shelter.  Was told she was blind in one eye.


Moxie at the shelter waiting for her FUREVER HOME.
Moxie is a female tortie shell calico. Obvious Cloudy Eye.


Moxie’s eye is perfectly normal now!  YAY! Joy Juice!

EPX now has a sulfur crystal formula (Ultra Pure MSM), but we empty out the veg capsules (for OBVIOUS reasons, Ahem!). Break open the capsules (around 4 or 5) to equal a teaspoon of the sulfur. So we either get it at the old link, order from Ingri locally, or get from EPX Body.

So… if those simple things can fix Moxie’s eyes, perhaps her white cat’s (Ziggy Starduct) hearing can be improved.

This is what proper nutrition will do. Do not doubt unto us and Kissy’s Kats!

Check out this sweet video of her asking to play fetch with a spring.


Here’s the broadcasting schedule (be sure to save this and keep it handy).

Episode Listing:

Episode 1:   Understanding Pet Cancer & the Current “Medical Toolkit (Wednesday, April 4th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 2:   The Pet Food Industry, Healthy Diets, Ketosis & Nutrigenomics (Thursday, April 5th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 3:   Pet Vaccines – “Do’s & Don’ts” (Friday, April 6th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 4:   Pet Cancer Causes, Silent Killers & Recurrent Epigenetic Triggers (Saturday, April 7th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 5:   Cancer Roots and Remedies, Hidden Hazards, Healing Tones & Detox (Sunday, April 8th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 6:   Treatments & Preventions: Part 1 – Healing Herbs, Homeopathy & Other Proven Protocols (Monday, April 9th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 7:   Treatments & Preventions: Part 2 – Eastern Medicine, Supplementation,Surviving & Thriving (Tuesday, April 10th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

All episodes start airing at 9:00PM Eastern US time on the date listed above and will be available for approximately 23 hours, after which time the next episode will be loaded onto our site.

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