Starts TODAY – April 4 {Great news for your furry friends!}

Just a friendly reminder that The Truth About *PET* Cancer airs today – April 4th for free!

Click here to register NOW. (if you haven’t already)

Who’s ready for Episode 1 of The Truth About PET Cancer? We sure are! Watch this small clip below of Ty’s interview with Dr. Allen Schoen’s for a little taste of what’s to come tonight.


Episode 1 Teaser:


To watch episode 1 starting at 9pm ET, just follow this link. –>

Discover the answers you need to possibly save your pet’s life (or help another pet parent to do the same).

We owe it to our pets to become educated and informed on healthy nutrition… pet vaccines… environmental toxins… and so much more.

Please help us end the agony, pain, and suffering of pet cancer.

Join the cancer-free movement and support Ty’s mission to get this lifesaving information into the hands of every vet and pet parent.

You do need to register to get access to this life-changing 7-part docuseries. So, if you haven’t signed up already – simply CLICK HERE to reserve your FREE spot now.

Note:  Upon registering, it will take you DIRECTLY to the current Episode playing. So be ready to watch it!!!

And, if you know someone with a pet – share this info with them, right now



P.S. We’d love to have you join us as an affiliate for this event — delivering more information for the world to live healthier and happier lives (and our beloved pets, too!)… it’s what we all do! Thank you in advance!

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