TTAPC Episode 6: Treatment and Prevention Part 1 – Healing Herbs, Homeopathy & Other Proven Protocols

Episode 6 is NOW Playing and it’s an absolute “Must See”.

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We hope you’re enjoying the series and learning a lot of information that will help your furbabies be as healthy as possible.

Enjoy 🙂

So tonight, we have Episode 6 to look forward to

Episode 6: Treatments & Preventions: Part 1 – Healing Herbs, Homeopathy & Other Proven Protocols is starting shortly.

The information provided here will blow your mind…

Go here to watch Episode 6:


Episode 6 Preview Trailer:



Here’s a quick preview of some of the highlights…

•   Are essential oils safe for your pet? Should you diffuse or refuse? Experts weigh in.

•   Could medical marijuana help your dog or cat? Surprising research revealed!

•   #1 digestive supplement for pets. Researchers recommend taking this once-a-day if you can’t feed your fur baby a raw food diet.

•   What your veterinarian doesn’t know about pet nutrition. Health expert reveals the real reason why homeopathy isn’t taught in vet school.

•   Plus, SO much more!


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Here’s our broadcasting schedule (be sure to save this and keep it handy).

Episode Listing:

Episode 1:   Understanding Pet Cancer & the Current “Medical Toolkit (Wednesday, April 4th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 2:   The Pet Food Industry, Healthy Diets, Ketosis & Nutrigenomics (Thursday, April 5th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 3:   Pet Vaccines – “Do’s & Don’ts” (Friday, April 6th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 4:   Pet Cancer Causes, Silent Killers & Recurrent Epigenetic Triggers (Saturday, April 7th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 5:   Cancer Roots and Remedies, Hidden Hazards, Healing Tones & Detox (Sunday, April 8th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 6:   Treatments & Preventions: Part 1 – Healing Herbs, Homeopathy & Other Proven Protocols (Monday, April 9th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 7:   Treatments & Preventions: Part 2 – Eastern Medicine, Supplementation, Surviving & Thriving (Tuesday, April 10th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

All episodes start airing at 9:00PM Eastern US time on the date listed above and will be available for approximately 23 hours, after which time the next episode will be loaded onto the site.

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