[Chronic Lyme Disease Summit #3] Day 4: Top 5 game-changing Lyme remedies

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We have been getting some incredible feedback from listeners all over the WORLD on how the summit is adding massive value to their health journey. Thank you for the feedback and I am so glad this has such a majorly positive impact for people!

I’m excited about Day 4’s lineup! We’ve got TWO talks about how to use essential oils. Plus we’ll hear about alternative therapies like stem cell, microcurrent, laser and liposomal remedies. Lots of great information that I hope empowers your healing journey.

Click the link below to watch Day 4. This will give you access for 24 hours!

Got your notebook and pen? Great. Let’s go!

Dr. Jay Davidson


Here’s what your speakers will be talking about today:


TH1 and Th2 Immune System and Transfer Factors

Kent Holtorf, MD

  • Stem cells as breakthrough therapy
  • Boosting the immune system with Lyme
  • Transfer factors, peptides, and LDN

Five Game-Changing Lyme Remedies

Greg Lee, MAc, BS

  • Top five game-changing Lyme treatments
  • The top three essential oils to bust biofilm
  • Microcurrents, laser, and liposomal remedies

How to Manage Lyme Disease Symptoms with Essential Oils

Eric Zielinski, DC

  • Top five calming essential oils
  • Safe tick removal
  • Oils for pain, arthritis, and neuropathy

Essential Oils for Lyme, Nervous System, and Detoxification

Jodi Cohen, NTP

  • Essential oils for night waking and anxiety
  • Top five tips for detoxification
  • Immune-boosting and cold-prevention hacks



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Enjoy the Davidson’s 3rd Lyme Disease Summit!



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