[Chronic Lyme Disease Summit #3] Day 9: Structured water, detoxifying from EMRs, and sleep hacks

Last day before replay day!! Learn about how structured water can change your health for the better, steps to detoxify from EMFs and EMRs, the role of the Gut Brain Axis, and the all important SLEEP when dealing with Lyme disease!

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Here’s what your speakers will be talking about today:


Health Benefits of Structured Water

Patrick Durkin

  • Chemistry-based and physics-based filters
  • How sacred geometry and vortexing apply to water
  • Filtering for your entire home, travel, and personal use

Detoxification: Not to Be Overlooked in Recovering from Chronic Lyme Disease

Scott Forsgren, FDN-P

  • Steps to reduce exposure to EMFs and EMRs
  • Supporting detox with binders, drainage, and remineralization
  • Tips for clean food, water, air, and personal care products

The Role of the Gut-Brain Axis in Healing Chronic Lyme

Dr. Tom Moorcroft, DO

  • How the brain is involved in detox
  • Diet, sleep, and the gut-brain connection
  • Mindfulness tips for chronic illness

Sleep and Lyme Disease

Kate Hope, MS, CNS

  • The best essential oil blend for bedtime
  • Sleep hacks to combat insomnia
  • Calming drinks and herbs for relaxation and sleep



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Enjoy the Davidson’s 3rd Lyme Disease Summit!



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