[The Keto Edge Summit] Day 2: Using a Keto Lifestyle to Reduce Inflammation!

DAY 2 (May 8, after 10am US eastern)

Inflammation, inflammation, inflammation! You hear it everywhere and science has proven that all degenerative diseases are caused by chronic inflammation. Fortunately, a ketogenic lifestyle can dramatically reduce inflammation. Today’s Keto Edge Summit speakers discuss strategies to reduce inflammation, support thyroid function, hormones, brain, reduce pain and improve your adrenal health.

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Learn from Dr. Jockers “keto” story… and the wisdom he gained!

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As a young doctor at the age of 28, Dr. David Jockers developed skin cancer.

He knew his lifestyle, although it was better than most other people, was part of the problem.

So, he began following a ketogenic diet and lifestyle. Amazingly, in 6 months the cancerous nodule had vanished.

He also noticed, within weeks, he felt significantly more energy, mental clarity and improved performance.

Dr. Jockers became a firm believer in the ketogenic lifestyle, and has spent much of his time since then understanding how YOU can leverage this powerful tool… so much that it has become his life’s mission.

—>He brings this wisdom to you at The Keto Edge Summit — register for free now!

Dr. Jockers believes everyone on the planet could benefit from the ketogenic lifestyle. Every day he works with clients from all over the world who have a wide variety of health challenges and goals… and they are seeing improvement and progress by living a ketogenic lifestyle.

He’s even seen those with a TERMINAL diagnosis get their lives back through a ketogenic lifestyle.

We’re truly fortunate that Dr. Jockers has gathered the top researchers, practitioners and lifestyle coaches to bring you the truth about keto — because it could be the BIGGEST breakthrough in health in THIS century.

That’s why we encourage you to register for The Keto Edge Summit now!


The ketogenic lifestyle may help you reduce suffering and give back the life, energy and vitality you’ve been seeking!

[LEARN TODAY] Using a #keto lifestyle to reduce #inflammation! #KetoSummit



Cheryl Burdette, ND

Inflammation and the Ketogenic Diet

What You’ll Learn –

Symptoms and diseases associated with chronic inflammation
Top lab tests to measure inflammation
Best nutrition, supplements and lifestyle to reduce inflammation

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Will Cole, DC

Adrenal Fatigue and Keto

What You’ll Learn –

How stress, adrenal function and the HPA axis impact our keto results
Key strategies to adapt better to stressors in life
Best foods and herbs to support the HPA axis and stress response

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Justin Marchegiani, DC

Keto Hacks for Hypothyroidism

What You’ll Learn –

Main causes for thyroid problems
How to use keto to improve thyroid function
Biohacking your metabolism and thyroid health

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Peter Osborne, DC, DACBN, PScD

Dropping Grains and Carbs to Reduce Chronic Pain

What You’ll Learn –

Main causes of chronic inflammation and chronic pain
Connection between grain consumption and inflammatory conditions
Nutritional strategies to reduce pain anywhere in the body

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David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, ABIHM

Keto for Brain Health

What You’ll Learn –

How ketones impact brain physiology and genetic expression
Role of ketones in preventing and treating Alzheimer’s and dementia
Ketones and Parkinson’s, stroke and brain injury rehab

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Thoughts and Commentary:

Inflammation… what I talked about yesterday.  Proteolytic enzymes are very helpful in decreasing inflammation.  Like serrapeptase and blends. Prefer the Arthur Andrew Medical brand, and switch out the cellulose capsules and put into BSE-Free bovine gelatin caps.

Also, spices like turmeric, curcumin, ginger, etc…



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