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Join us in promoting The Candida Summit, taking place July 9-15, 2018!

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Too many people accept exhaustion and forgetfulness as “normal.” The truth is: we AREN’T meant to live with such low expectations of ourselves. Evan Brand, host of The Candida Summit, suffered (and healed!) from candida, parasite infections and bacterial overgrowth. In his health practice, upwards of 95% of his clients have some degree of candida — time and time again, he sees debilitating and mysterious symptoms disappear once it is addressed.

Plus, this event is taking place on the Health Talks Online / HealthMeans platform, which regularly returns $2-3 EPLs for top affiliates who promote multiple times prior to the sales push (push starts ~1 week prior to day 1), and pays out more than $1MM in commissions each year.

AND, any new leads you deliver to a Health Talks Online event means you’re also set as the commission lead for their new monthly subscription community, HealthMeans, and any of their events for the lifetime of the account, including such 2018 topics as Alzheimer’s, thyroid disorders, pregnancy health, addiction, brain health and more!

You can follow the link below to learn more (and register!):

P.S. Health Talks Online runs 15-20 summits per year, plus their new subscription community is growing quickly. Get started earning commissions with them when you promote The Candida Summit today!



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