[SQUARE ONE Healing Cancer Coaching Program]: Module 3

[SQ1] The Anti-Cancer Diet is LIVE!


SQUARE ONE Module 3: The Anti-Cancer Diet part 1 is LIVE now!

Nutrition is the foundation of health. And I get more questions about the best anti-cancer foods and the best cancer healing diet than any other topic.

So tonight’s SQUARE ONE Module is ALL about it (tomorrow’s is too)!

In Module 3, I cover the basics of anti-cancer nutrition. I will teach you exactly what to eat, and what not to eat, and show you the the nutritional science that supports it all. This is a simple yet powerful, evidence-based dietary protocol.

Here’s what you will learn in Module 3:
– What not to eat: Foods that promote disease and fuel cancer growth
– The most potent anti-cancer foods
– My daily anti-cancer routine
– All about juicing, juice formulas and juicers
– And more!

Here’s your link to watch Module 3 “The Anti-Cancer Diet Part 1” now:

See you there!


p.s. Here are answers to a couple frequently asked questions:

Is SQUARE ONE available to watch after the free screening?
Yes! The SQUARE ONE Program is available for you to own forever and ever, and to share with people you care about. There are three different package options and it’s super discounted right now (50% Off) during the free screening.

What’s included in the SQUARE ONE Program?
Each package includes ALL 10 Video Modules, the Transcripts Book, the Guide Book, the Audio Book, an invitation to my Private Online Support Community, Access to 6 LIVE Monthly Q&As with me, and a Bonus Digital copy of the entire SQUARE ONE Program to give to someone you care about. This page explains it in detail:


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