[SQUARE ONE Healing Cancer Coaching Program]: Module 4

SQUARE ONE Module 4: The Anti-Cancer Diet Part 2 is now LIVE!

[SQUARE ONE Healing Cancer Coaching Program]: Module 4

In tonight’s Module, we’re going to dive EVEN DEEPER into anti-cancer nutrition. Better bring your scuba gear! 😉

Most of the questions posted in the comments section after Module 3 will be answered in Module 4!

Here’s what you will learn:
– The most powerful anti-cancer fruits
– My personal dietary journey
– Modifications you can make to the anti-cancer diet over time
– Raw food vs cooked food
– Whether or not to include animal protein
– How long you need to stay on a strict dietary protocol
– The ketogenic diet for cancer (rumors vs reality)
– And more!

Watch The Anti-Cancer Diet Part 2 free online for the next 24 hours:

The SQUARE ONE Program is all about giving you the best, evidence-based information on healing and preventing cancer, and a simple strategy to help you take MASSIVE ACTION to change your life! That’s why I created the SQUARE ONE Guide Book, which is included in your purchase of any of the three packages.

Here’s what’s inside the Guide Book: The Daily Schedule, The Recipe Guide, The Supplement Guide, The Healthy Home Guide, The Testing & Monitoring Guide, My Cancer Clinic Rolodex, and excerpts from My 2004 Prayer Journal.

The SQUARE ONE program includes all 10 video modules, the Guide Book, Transcripts Book, Audio Book, and some really AWESOME bonuses, like access to our online support community.  Learn more here:  https://squareone.chrisbeatcancer.com/own

See you tonight!


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