[SQUARE ONE Healing Cancer Coaching Program]: Module 8

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I have to admit I was nervous about the response to SQUARE ONE Module 7

It’s a deeply personal one, and some people don’t like when I share the details of my faith journey, but the outpouring of love since it aired last night has confirmed that it definitely belongs in the course… Thank you so much!

It just keeps getting better. Module seven is the best one yet! Thanks for all the wonderful insight. -Barbara

This is the best of all summits I’ve seen and I thank you for putting faith into it. So important. -Carole

This is what I need right now to win over the heavy storms in my life… Thank you oh so much Chris -Roy

Amazing message! As a Naturopath, the first 6 modules made my head and heart happy, but this one made my spirit happy too! Thank you for so boldly sharing your testimony Chris! I love all your info, your delivery, your passion and your heart. This series is SO much better than I even imagined! -Carolyn

In Module 7: Spiritual Healing, I talk about my personal faith journey through the healing process. I also tackle the tough spiritual questions that every cancer patient struggles with.

Here’s what I talk about:
– Is it God’s will for you to be sick?
– What faith for healing looks like
– Dealing with doubt and fear
– Getting right with God
– Faith in action
– Instructions for Believers
– How to pray for healing

If you are a Believer, this module will light you up! If you aren’t sure what you believe, my hope is that this will inspire you open your mind and your heart and to reach out and ask for guidance, answers and help.

Module 7 will be online until 9pm EST tonight (Aug 21st), here’s your link to watch


Module 8: How Exercise & Rest Activate Healing starts tonight

Tonight we’ll be talking about more heavy stuff… weight lifting! LOL Not really. 😉 I’ll be talking about the amazing benefits of exercise on health and healing, the best types of exercise for your immune system, how much you need, how much is too much, how to get optimal healing rest and sleep and a lot more.

Here’s your link to watch Module 8 starting at 9pm EST (Aug 21st):


See you there!


p.s. I kept a prayer journal during my battle with cancer and I would often write down my prayers as I prayed. It’s a powerful exercise… My journal entries are as personal as it gets. I never intended to show them to anyone, but I decided to include excerpts from my 2003-2004 prayer journal in the SQUARE ONE Guide Book that’s included with your purchase of the program. Learn more here:


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