[SQUARE ONE Healing Cancer Coaching Program]: Module 9

Square One Module 9 is live!


From Chris Wark…

Tonight in Module 9, I cover a topic that everyone asks about…

Cancer Healing Herbs, Teas & Supplements

There is a ton of scientific research on specific natural compounds proven to have significant anti-cancer and health promoting effects, but some of these compounds aren’t normally in our diet. That’s where supplements come in.

But there are THOUSANDS of supplements on the market. What to take? How much to take? What brand is best? It’s easy to get overwhelmed…

Tonight I will simplify it for you and break it down to the essentials.

We’ll also cover anti-cancer herbs, teas and a few key detox products as well.

Here’s your link to watch Module 9 tonight (Aug 22nd) starting at 9pm EST:


Catch up on Module 8 while it’s still up today and tune in tonight for Module 9!

See you there!


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