[The Addiction Summit]: Day 3 – Why We’re All Vulnerable to Trauma, Neglect and/or Abuse

DAY 3 (August 15, after 10am US eastern)

So many have suffered trauma, neglect or abuse. We’re all vulnerable. Today at The Addiction Summit, Jason Powell shares his horrific story of surviving extreme child abuse. Karen Willock overcomes drug-addicted parents and her own addictions to now team up with Julie Valenti to guide survivors through healing childhood trauma and PTSD. And, Niki Gratrix discusses abundant energy and healing from emotional trauma. Join us!

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These experts could save you from addiction!

Dr. Paul Thomas, your host of The Addiction Summit, has helped thousands of patients with addiction, including his own family members. He truly knows that being an addict — food, tobacco, alcohol, opioids, meth, stimulants, technology and/or other behavioral addictions — does NOT have to be your genetic destiny.

We’re in the midst of an addiction crisis of epic and tragic proportions — not just drugs, but foods, tobacco, technology and behaviors — our high-stress, unhealthy choices and lack of responsibility and belonging are putting us at terrible risk. And, while the face of addiction is changing, our approach hasn’t changed. Our systems still prescribe to the notion that either you have an addiction, or you don’t. In reality, addiction exists on a spectrum, like most other diseases; it’s not just an on or off switch.

[LEARN TODAY] Why we’re all vulnerable to #trauma, #neglect and/or #abuse.
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Thoughts and Commentary:

Enjoy the transcript freebie of her talk…

Julie Valenti

You CAN Rewire Your Brain!

What You’ll Learn –

20 keys to rewiring your brain
Recovering from childhood PTSD
Adult responsibility is non-negotiable!

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