[The Addiction Summit]: Day 4 – Addiction, Treatment, 12 Steps & Love: What Do You REALLY Know About Treatment Centers?

DAY 4 (August 16, after 10am US eastern)

What do you REALLY know about treatment centers? Join us today at The Addiction Summit! Dr. Marv Seppala, CMO of the largest non-profit treatment center network in the country, speaks about addiction, treatment, the 12 steps and love. Dr. Joel Fuhrman enlightens on the power of healing with nutrient-dense whole foods, and Dr. Jockers brings the wisdom about natural healing. You’ll also enjoy learning from Zen Honeycutt, who highlights the importance of avoiding GMO foods.

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Thoughts, Comments and Extras:

Another PDF transcript and featured speakers.

Marvin Seppala, MD

12 Steps and Keys to Recovery

What You’ll Learn –

• 12-step programs can provide the tools for recovery
• Service of others is vital in a recovery journey
• How love connects us (and the need for community!)

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PDF Transcript

David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS

Stop Sugar Cravings with a Healing Diet

What You’ll Learn –

• 3 necessary keys to a healing diet
• Fundamentals to health and recovery
• Practical solutions for sugar addiction

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