Encore Weekend Replays For The Pregnancy and Motherhood Summit, & The Truth About Vaccines

Due to the lack of time, I will condense both into one post.

Pregnancy and Motherhood Summit:

DAY 14 (September 22)

One more day! It’s Encore Weekend at The Motherhood Summit! Missed some of the life-changing expert talks this past week? They’re all unlocked for free today (and until Monday at 10 AM U.S. Eastern)! We’re here to give moms all the advice and education they need about nutrition, fitness, gut health, pelvic health, hormones and mental health!

Registration Link:  http://healthaffiliate.center/20319-31.html


Are you enjoying Encore Weekend at The #MotherhoodSummit?
All expert talks are unlocked until Monday at 10am U.S. eastern.



The Truth About Vaccines (TTAV):

GREAT NEWS!!! You can watch all 7 episodes of The Truth About Vaccines, for FREE, during their 48 hour replay weekend! In fact, no need to register – you can just click the link, select your episode, and START WATCHING! If you missed any or all of this shocking series featuring 60 vaccine experts and you want to know why vaccines are neither safe nor effective and how you can safely and effectively protect your children WITHOUT vaccination, click over now and start watching. This is your last chance to watch it for FREE! WATCH RIGHT HERE!



LAST CALL! LAST CALL!!! Only 1 day left to watch the ENTIRE 7-part series – for FREE! Just CLICK OVER, CHOOSE YOUR EPISODE, and WATCH! Can it get any easier than that?


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The Truth About Vaccines (TTAV)

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