[IBS and SIBO SOS Summit]: Day 5 – Why An IBS Diagnosis IS NOT Enough To Know What’s Really Going On In Your Gut!

DAY 5 (September 7, after 10am US eastern)

Day 5 of our SIBO SOS Summit will be a real eye-opener. We’ll hear from Dr. Satish Rao and learn why an IBS diagnosis isn’t enough to know what’s really going on in your gut, then demystifying dysbiosis and talk about how genetics really shape your health destiny.

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These experts could help with digestive problems!

Anyone who suffers from IBS, SIBO, leaky gut or related digestive disorders will benefit greatly from our experts discussing their cutting-edge research and protocols — information that’s available here first!

[LEARN TODAY] Why an #IBS diagnosis IS NOT enough to know what’s really going on in your gut! #SIBOsummit


Thoughts and Comments:

We found some extra goodies and info from some of the speakers elsewhere.

Thoroughly enjoyed this speaker…

Rachel Fresco – IBS and SIBO SOS Summit

Rachel Fresco, L. Ac., Ph. D.

How Biofilm Influences Complicated Digestive Issues

What You’ll Learn –
What is a biofilm?
Why you have them (and how to get rid of them!)
Improving healing protocols by breaking biofilm “resistance”

Visit this speaker’s website



2-Minute Sneak Peek of her talk from today’s Summit:

Rachel Fresco 2 Minute from SIBO SOS™ on Vimeo.

Other things found online from her…

The Gut Connection Microbiome Ecology in Chronic Disease Dr. Rachel Fresco, L. Ac., Ph. D Bio-Botanical Research

The Gut Connection – How Biofilms, LPS and Intestinal Permeability Influence Systemic Inflammation Dr. Rachel Fresco, L. Ac., Ph. D

Episode #50: Microbiome Balancing with Dr. Rachel Fresco, LAc, PhD

Biocidin mentioned in this Summit:

Larry Wurn:

Another speaker on this, but was excluded from the HTO version of the IBS SIBO SOS Summit…

Larry Wurn – Clear Passage from SIBO SOS™ on Vimeo.

Even though this was excluded from the HTO summit, I have seen him and his wife personally, and both had worked on me in FL, when we went to the Gainesville, FL Clear Passage location.  They also taught a lot of this to my husband, who still to this day will do some of the deep massage and fascial release. And I, too, do some self-work from time to time in areas that I can reach myself.  Also make use of the Ashley Black Guru Fascia Blaster, which has broken up fascial adhesion closer to the surface area under the skin.  The result from that is lost inches.

More clips and interviews here…


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IBS and SIBO SOS Summit


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