[Pregnancy and Motherhood Summit]: Day 7 – Chronic illness, Autoimmunity, Inflammation & Mental Health Problems Are Rising!

DAY 7 (September 16 after 10am US eastern)

Today, at The Motherhood Summit! Chronic illness, autoimmunity, inflammation and mental health problems are on the rise in mothers and children. From postnatal depression and anxiety to gut, thyroid and adrenal problems, mothers of all ages need increasing support to face these challenges. Learn valuable insights on how to live your life as healthy, happy and strong as possible!

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3 in 4 mothers will have problems LATER in life from birth-related pelvic injuries — incontinence, painful sex, back pain or pelvic organ prolapse.

Countless older moms have asked the same question, “Why didn’t anyone tell me this could happen?”

To this day, most health professionals are NOT giving moms AT ANY AGE the right advice to be happier, healthier and stronger…

Get the “core” advice you need to prevent health problems, recover from injuries and stay the best mom you can be!

[LEARN TODAY] Chronic illness, #autoimmunity, #inflammation & #mentalhealth problems are rising! #MotherhoodSummit


Thoughts, Commentary and/or Extras:

Anna Cabeca, DO

The Older Mother and Transition to Menopause

What You’ll Learn –
Special considerations for an older mom
Common health issues facing older mothers
Motherhood and the transition to menopause

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Transcript (PDF)

Thank you to all who attended and watched this summit.  The next upcoming summit is the Fix For Female Hormones Summit and the dates are October 1-7, 2018. Stay tuned.

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