The Truth About Vaccines (TTAV): September 2018 – Episode 3: An Analysis of the MMR & DTaP Vaccines & Vaccinating for the Greater Good


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Episode 3:  An Analysis of the MMR & DTaP Vaccines & Vaccinating for the Greater Good

Episode 3:  An Analysis of the MMR & DTaP Vaccines & Vaccinating for the Greater Good

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Back in ‘71 they took me in for my DPT and we think that’s the main shot that I had at that time. And within hours I began seizing.

My fever was 104, which lasted a week. And what the doctors were thinking was they were worried about encephalitis, but looking back we probably think that I did have encephalitis. And I was brought into the hospital and they had to restrain me. There’s different—I’m never sure if I’ve heard straight jacket or restraints or different measures that they used in order to do that spinal tap, because they were checking for spinal meningitis.

That was the initial thought. Because, of course, at the beginning they don’t want to connect it with the vaccines I just had hours ago. It must be spinal meningitis.

So they look every other place other than the obvious.

Yeah, right. Yes. But even eventually the pediatrician then will check from my neck because he said, “I think she might have that rare bad reaction,” and it looks like I did and I was really fortunate.

After a week, I believe they were even bringing the priest in because the fever didn’t break and they were concerned. I was vomiting along with the seizing, and when you go a week that long with that high of a fever I don’t think that can be beneficial for the brain. It’s going to be real—

I was wondering about that. Yeah, that’s going to be bad.

That’s real detrimental. So, after a week it was really kind of like another miracle like just a few months before where the fever, I was vomiting, seizing, hospitalized. They did a spinal tap, it was normal but then suddenly the fever broke and the vomiting stopped and it was just—I was really one of the lucky ones.

Glyphosate Contamination In Vaccines:

Glyphosate found in Childhood Vaccines – Health Freedom Idaho

“Glyphosate Pathways to Modern Diseases VI: Prions, Amyloidoses and Autoimmune Neurological Diseases,”

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