[Depression & Anxiety Secrets]: 6-doctor Q&A is LIVE!

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The 9 episodes are over, you’ve sent us your questions, and now 6 doctors from the series—Dr. Jay Davidson, Dr. Elena Villanueva, Dr. Rodger Murphree, Dr. Daniel Binus, Dr. Todd Watts, and Dr. Daniel Nuzum—are standing by to answer as many of your questions as possible before midnight.



Tune in now to our special “Marathon Question & Answer” session here.

It’s been an incredible 10 days since the start of the Depression & Anxiety Secrets series, and there’s ONE THING I want you to take away from this series, and that is…




The answers are out there… we’ve shared many of them with you… and there are even more answers in our Depression & Anxiety Secrets packages.

The door closes tonight at midnight when this special Q&A session ends, so make that investment NOW in your own mental health and choose the package that’s best for you.

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Jonathan Otto


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