[Depression & Anxiety Secrets] Bonus Episode 9

Bonus Episode 9 is Live. Go here to watch it now!

In this free bonus episode, you’ll hear about:

A woman who reversed her own dementia by removing certain triggers from her diet
A man who accidentally recovered from depression when he changed his diet to improve his physique
Exact protocols to lower inflammation and restore your gut
How to correctly clear out pathogens and toxins
Addressing negative emotional experiences or traumatic events as triggers and their solutions
Macular degeneration and ADHD—how they fit into the big picture and natural protocols that work

Watch Episode 9 here now.



And don’t forget… Tomorrow night, we’ll be giving you a marathon 4-hour Questions & Answers session with five doctors from the series—Dr. Jay Davidson, Dr. Elena Villanueva, Dr. Rodger Murphree, Dr. Todd Watts, and Dr. Daniel Nuzum.

This special Q&A session will be showing Thursday night from 8pm until midnight EST.

We want to help as many of you as possible, so post your questions in the comments area below the episode currently playing. To help us catch your question, start your comment with: “Here’s my question for the Q&A session…”

And if you have a question you want to ask privately, just hit Reply to this email and put “Here’s my question for the Q&A session” in the subject line, then type your question in the message area and send it to us.

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