[Fix For Female Hormones Summit]: Day 2 – Hear From Cutting-Edge Experts In The Women’s Hormone Health!

DAY 2 (October 2, after 10am US eastern)

Today at The Fix for Female Hormones, you’ll hear from cutting-edge experts in women’s health and dive into what to do for hormone dysregulation. Heba Shaheed takes on endometriosis and Leanne Vogel reviews why keto is different for women. Gabrielle Lyon, DO and Daniel Pompa PSc.D explore hacks for losing weight and Elle Russ breaks down the links between thyroid health, weight gain, anxiety and depression.

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Misty Williams, became a health advocate for herself after a difficult diagnosis of endometriosis (and lost an ovary in surgery). Post-surgery, her intestines were stitched up, she didn’t sleep for 6 days and struggled with fatigue, brain fog and several abnormal symptoms.

Her conventional doctors had no reasons or solutions, so she tackled the task of finding the right people and protocols to heal herself. Misty is here to introduce your fans and followers to these brilliant functional healers, who will help them reclaim energy, lose that stubborn weight and turn their brains back on!

[LEARN TODAY] Hear from cutting-edge experts in the women’s hormone health!
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Join us in promoting The Fix for Female Hormones, taking place October 1-7, 2018!

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Fix For Female Hormones Summit


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