[Fix For Female Hormones Summit]: Day 3 – Listen To Top Autoimmune Health Experts Today!

DAY 3 (October 3, after 10am US eastern)

Listen to top health experts today at The Fix for Female Hormones! Drs. Sarah Ballantyne and Peter Osborne reveal ways to overcome autoimmunity. Alvin Danenberg, DDS, discusses the importance of oral health and Dr. Michael Ruscio dives into the connection between gut health, hormones and fatigue.

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These experts will teach you about hormones!

Your host of The Fix for Female Hormones, Misty Williams, became a health advocate for herself after a difficult diagnosis of endometriosis (and lost an ovary in surgery). Post-surgery, her intestines were stitched up, she didn’t sleep for 6 days and struggled with fatigue, brain fog and several abnormal symptoms. Her conventional doctors had no reasons or solutions, so she tackled the task of finding the right people and protocols to heal herself. Misty is here to introduce you to these brilliant functional healers, who will help you reclaim energy, lose that stubborn weight and turn your brain back on during The Fix for Female Hormones Summit, October 1-7, 2018. Join us!


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Fix For Female Hormones Summit


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