Affiliates Revealed: Christ Revealed: The History, The Evidence, and The Inspiration

Affiliates Revealed (

Revealed Films is proud to announce the upcoming holiday-themed release of Christ Revealed: The History, The Evidence, and The Inspiration launching on November 13th, 2018…


This promotion will follow the same familiar format as the previous Christ Revealed release, with the 9-module docu-series being delivered in our standard Revealed Films sequence. Here’s how it will work:

Sign up by clicking here and become an affiliate today.

Christ Revealed has had extremely impressive numbers with the Christian community and this targets the same audience, but with a holiday focus. We’ll be utilizing our previously successful sales funnel plus adding the “makes a great gift” message to help spur even more sales.

It’s a tremendous affiliate opportunity to be a part of something that’s been proven to deliver for your audience while also spreading hope and encouragement during the busy holiday season.

Revealed Films is excited to introduce you to their new affiliate manager, Christi! She’s very dedicated to supporting you and shares their values and mission at Revealed Films. Yes, she’s awesome!

We’d love to have you with us. Christi will follow up with critical information and next steps.

For those only wanting to watch the 9-Part Docuseries, you may go here to register today!



Seriously, thank you for joining us. It speaks volumes of you to be here.

Partnering with us is easy, and your contribution to the success of this series will bring the life-saving truth about Christ to people around the world.

You can trust Revealed Films to produce and deliver high-quality, groundbreaking films that change lives and open eyes. Since 2012, we’ve produced award-winning documentaries providing answers about vital issues, exposing corruption and revealing healthy solutions.

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