[Autoimmune Secrets] Episode 1 – Autoimmune Disease Exposed: How to Prevent & Beat All of the 100+ Autoimmune Conditions

Autoimmune Secrets Episode 1 is Live

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Hi ___________.,

Are you ready to watch something that could change your life? Or the life of a loved one?

Episode 1 is live! You can watch it for free right now 🙂

It’s called “Autoimmune Disease Exposed: How to Prevent & Beat All of the 100+ Autoimmune Conditions.”

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Please note that each of the 7 Episodes only air for 24 hours, so now is indeed the time to invite others to join you on this fantastic journey.

Also, deepen your learning by downloading the “Autoimmune Amazing Facts 7-Episode Companion Workbook” by clicking here, so you can follow along with the series. Just scroll down underneath the video on the page & follow step 1 by simply clicking the button on the page, and you’ll be sent this special gift immediately through Facebook messenger.


Back to Episode 1. Here are a few exciting things you can expect in tonight’s show…

~ You’ll learn about how autoimmune disease works, and how it affects the body.
~ You’ll meet some wonderful people I had the pleasure of meeting, who share their stories of reversing their autoimmune diseases & you’ll learn HOW they did it.
~ You’ll meet many of the world-leading doctors, researchers, and scientists who appear throughout the series.
~ You’ll meet my wife and her parents. You’ll witness her father begin his journey of fighting polycystic kidney disease (and a kidney function of only 8%), obesity and type 2 diabetes…
~ You’ll learn about extremely effective protocols you can begin implementing from the comfort of your own home.
~ Plus, you’ll hear about the controversial nature of using holistic approaches to autoimmunity and why these advanced treatments are being ignored or even attacked by mainstream medicine.

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Again, you can go to this link to watch tonight.

I’ll see you there soon 🙂

With love,

Jonathan Otto
Autoimmune Secrets

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The Amazing Lineup:

Episode 1: Autoimmune Disease Exposed: Preventing & Beating on All of the 80+ Autoimmune Conditions – Available November 27, 9 PM EST (For 24 hours)

Episode 2: When Your Body Attacks: How to Win the War Against Lupus, Arthritis & Thyroid Disease – Available November 28, 9 PM EST (For 24 hours)

Episode 3: Missing Puzzle Pieces: Can your Mind be Restored? Exposing Alzheimer’s and dementia – Available November 29, 9 PM EST (For 48 hours)

Episode 4: The Truth About Lyme Disease, Toxins & Parasites – Available November 30, 9 PM EST (For 24 hours)

Episode 5: The Gut-Brain Connection – Available December 01, 9 PM EST (For 24 hours)

Episode 6: Autoimmune Connection with Obesity, Diabetes & Cancer – Available December 02, 9 PM EST (For 24 hours)

Episode 7: Essential Oils, Innovative Dietary & Lifestyle Approaches to Autoimmunity – Available December 03, 9 PM EST (For 24 hours)

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