[Christ Revealed]: Episode 9

Episode 9 … up and running now.

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Register to watch Episode 9!


Hi _________,

I can’t believe we’ve already reached the end.

Tonight’s episode is the very last in the Christ Revealed series! Here’s what you can expect:


Eli Shukron is an archeologist and is world-renowned for discovering the Pool of Siloam.

This is the place where Jesus miraculously healed a blind man, who washed the mud from his eyes with water from the Pool of Siloam and had his sight restored!

Hear about the discovery of this site, its excavation, and how it validated one of Jesus’s most famous miracles.

Eli takes us right to the actual archeological site, showing us the well-preserved steps leading down to where the waters once flowed.

You’ll be fascinated to see this important piece of history up close, and hear about the tedious process of unearthing it in order to preserve it for future generations.



Our next guest needs no introduction: Governor Mike Huckabee gives an honest, raw account of what it’s like to wear your faith on your sleeve while running for the most powerful office in the free world.

His is riveting testimony, unapologetic and candid.



To wrap it up, meet Eitan Shishkoff. Eitan was deeply involved in the hippy counterculture of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.

While living in a commune in the mountains of New Mexico in 1972, he came to Yeshua (Jesus) as his Messiah. In 1992. In response to a calling, he moved his family to Israel in faith—and the story of what happened is incredible.

Be inspired and see what kind of challenges a faith in Christ can get you through!


I want to express my gratitude to each of you who have accompanied the Christ Revealed team on this Christmas season journey.

Your support has meant the world to us and has inspired us to keep doing what we’re doing.



Thoughts & Comments:

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Mike Huckabee Sneak Peek From Tonight’s Episode:




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