[iThrive: Rising from the Depths of Diabetes & Obesity] – EPISODE 2 – Money, Medicine & Myths

EPISODE 2! And with my 2 burnt feet, I set off on my journey

_______, are you ready, to continue our iThrive journey?

EPISODE 2:  Money, Medicine & Myths STARTS NOW.



My doctor warned me to stay off my feet for months… (or face potential amputation)

But the memory of that obese young girl on the beach gave me all the motivation I needed to keep going.

The tidal wave of obesity and diabetes was coming for her… and millions of other children…

Maybe just maybe, I could help prevent the fate I was suffering.

I had to go.  I had to hunt down the experts and get to the bottom of reversing diabetes and obesity.

“If I can help JUST ONE person like her,” I thought, “It will be worth all the pain and all the risks.”

EPISODE 2 IS LIVE:  Money, Medicine & Myths STARTS NOW.

Put your detective cap on…

We’re going deep!

How has conventional medicine failed us when it comes to diabetes and obesity?
What did the US government do that almost killed one American scientist?
Why do our doctors keep telling us we can’t turn around our diabetes?
What’s the truth about all the fad diets out there, which promise to help us with our diabetes?

One comment last night was,

“My eyes have been opened to the seriousness of this. Thank you for putting this together. I’ll be watching the rest of your series.”

Well, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet!


I want YOU to uncover what I uncovered on my journey…

To see what I saw, hear what I heard and know what I know.

So, come on…

You don’t need to pack your bags, just grab your favorite beverage, and join us for another exciting episode.

— Jon “Going Deep” McMahon

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>> Here’s your pass to Episode Two

The fire didn’t stop me… (watch)

_________________, on every journey there are challenges.

Last year as I started to research about diabetes and obesity, and interview some of the most fascinating, cutting-edge AND controversial doctors…

I burned my feet in a campfire, and doctors told me to stay off them for 2 months.  But I refused.  This info HAD to be shared!

Episode 2 went LIVE a few hours ago.  Did you see it?

Don’t let anything stop you from watching it.  This info is of critical importance to you and your family.

>> GO HERE to watch Episode 2 now.  MONEY, MEDICINE & MYTHS
(only live for 24 hours)

You won’t want to miss this one.

And tomorrow, we’ll be on to Episode 3.

NOTE:  This episode could be upsetting, but we MUST FACE the reality, before we can find our way to the light.

>> Don’t let anything stop you from watching.

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Thanks so much,

Jon McMahon
(and the hard-working iThrive team)

PS.  Put on your detective gear, we’re going in!  Episode 2 dives into the rats nest. Find out who profits from keeping you in the dark about diabetes and obesity, and what we can do about it.

Sneak Peek Videos:

Go here to watch any of our Sneak Peek videos (Google Drive), you may have missed, and get excited about what you’re about to see in just a few hours!


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