[iThrive: Rising from the Depths of Diabetes & Obesity] – EPISODE 3 – Diabetes Decoded: Getting To The Root Of The Problem

[Episode 3] We’re LIVE! — Decoding the Map!

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Dear ________,

I can’t thank you enough for all the love I’m getting in the comments.  This is incredibly humbling and rewarding for me!

You have no idea how exhausted our whole team is, but we HAVE to get this info out!

M. Rafiki commented:

“John my heart is twisted together with yours. So much hurt. So much judgment. Here are good wishes to all of us who have walked this tortuous path. May we leave the rocky road forever!”

M. Rafiki, I know your last name means “friend” in Swahili!  And I pray I may meet you one day.  Diabetes and Obesity have become a worldwide crisis.

OK…  Let’s talk money for a moment.

Why do we care about the MONEY in diabetes? Because it drives a HUGE lie in healthcare.

Big pharma makes BILLIONS of dollars helping people “manage” obesity and diabetes.

As soon as you reverse it, there’s no money anymore.

So “managing” is their goal. WHY?

There are people reversing these conditions, and there are heroes in healthcare preventing these illnesses. It’s really happening.

We need the help of our viewers to join our mission, to support this work, and to choose to own the docuseries, so we can go out and transform lives and inspire other people. It starts on square one:  Diabetes Decoded: Getting To The Root Of The Problem.

Please, share this documentary and show others that it’s possible because just trying to “manage” a deadly illness and “survive” a little longer is a formula for DECADES of suffering and, ultimately, death.

Did you know that diabetes takes decades to take root – long before it shows up?

Make no mistake: There’s a battle going on – and you and your family are on the losing side.

We all are.

Tune in NOW to get Episode 3: “Diabetes Decoded: Getting To The Root Of The Problem”

You will be shocked (and grateful) you did.

(And please keep sending your comments and sharing on Facebook.  You GIVE US strength to carry on!)

Thank you for joining me on this journey :-).

Jon “Exhausted but Inspired” McMahon
(& the whole Thrive Team!)

P.S. Are you enjoying the series? This is the info that saved my life–and inspiring thousands around the world.

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Learn how to own the entire iThrive series here. You can afford this. (And maybe you can’t afford not to)

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