[The Autoimmune Revolution 2018]: Day 4 – Environmental toxins are known triggers for autoimmune pain

DAY 4 (November 8, after 10am US eastern)

Environmental toxins are known triggers for autoimmune pain. Today\’s Autoimmune Revolution experts will break down molds and heavy metals. We also dive into essential oils and share an amazing comeback story from autoimmune struggles!

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Christopher Shade, Phd

Dave Asprey

Eric Zielinski, DC, MPH(c)

Erin Elizabeth

Mike Mutzel, MSc


Thoughts and Commentary:

This series also compliments The Vaccines Revealed – Healing From Vaccines Masterclass by Revealed Films, where sulfur was mentioned by Dr. Daniel Pompa in both series.  Dr. Dan Pompa’s interview was in Episode1 of VR Healing From Vaccines Masterclass, and one of yesterday’s speakers for Day 3 of this summit.


Listen to this audio interview (.mp3) by Dr. Daniel Pompa

Watch and listen to Master Class Module 1 of Dr. Daniel Pompa regarding cellular detoxification.

Episode 1 is still on youtube.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJ0KcpAb09c

We are considering the products and protocol he mentioned, especially after having been poisoned TWO years ago from the landlord spraying around the property outside here with herbicides. That was around the same time where our cat Miracle started going downhill, and I started breaking out in rashes, etc…  AT THE SAME TIME!

They mentioned environmental toxins contributing to auto-immunity, and that diabetes is considered an autoimmune disease, and that’s what our cat ended up having.  We never vaccinated him.  He had to go have his fur shaved, as it kept matting up, and that last time was the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak.  They were supposed to use a mask and didn’t, and we know that because my daughter groomed and shaved cats at her job.  So it was two different things that affected our cat.  Environmental and negligence by the vet. And he was addicted to dry cat food, and we had a hard time getting him to eat real meat.  Our remaining cat Breezy eats like a cat should.

All this time, we have been using activated charcoal, essential oils, organic sulfur crystals, including NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine), which is a a sulfur containing amino acid, and doing parasite cleanses, liver flushes, etc…  Last liver flush was right before NCR in Sept.

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