The Healing From Vaccines Masterclass is now live…

Healing From Vaccines MasterClass: Class 1

Are you ready for this?

We’ve been so excited to share the Healing From Vaccines Masterclass with you, having poured many months of planning, research, filming, and editing into this.

I believe that this will be one of the most important documentary series ever to air, and it’s an honor to bring you this free event…

Beginning right now!

Healing From Vaccines MasterClass: Class 1

Above is your link to start viewing the Healing From Vaccines Masterclass, any time between now and 9 pm EST / 6 pm PST time tomorrow.


Module 1 plays for 22 more hours – you may want to check this out! Homeopath Cilla Whatcott is one of the featured presenters and she explains how homeopathy helps reset the energy systems of the body for healing. TRUE HEALING.
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We’ll kick off by introducing you to Dr. Dan Pompa…


Dr. Pompa’s pain-to-purpose story is both inspiring and heart-rending—having been through his own battle with heavy metal poisoning, he has first-hand experience with the symptoms of vaccine injury.

Inside, Dr. Pompa explains how epigenetics, exposure to toxins, and your microbiome can create the perfect storm that leads to chronic disease and neurological injury. He then shares his “five R’s” for healing, along with a host of helpful hints for those who are beginning the journey from vaccine injury back to health.


Then we’ll meet Cilla Whatcott, PhD…


Dr. Whatcott is a homeopathic doctor who has dedicated her life to healing—and she has treated many patients who are suffering from vaccine injury.

In this interview, you’ll learn how Dr. Whatcott tailors treatment to each of her patients utilizing homeoprophylaxis—a natural, homeopathic way to strengthen the immune system and protect yourself against disease without being exposed to the toxic soup found in traditional vaccines.

Enjoy the opening episode of the Healing From Vaccines Masterclass, and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family—send them to so they can sign up for their own personal viewing link!

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