[Essential Oils for Abundant Living Masterclass]: Use Essential Oils for Abundant Living! – Setting the Foundation (Lessons 1-4)

Join more than 350,000 essential oil lovers… Master the art of natural medicine

Dr. Eric Z and his wife Sabrina (Mama Z) have helped more than 350,000 people this year use essential oils to help naturally treat health conditions like diabetes, inflammation, obesity and cancer. They have done this through a special 10-Part Video Masterclass that was created to give you the confidence that you need to make healing remedies for your body & non-toxic natural recipes for your home with essential oils.

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Wherever you are in your essential oil journey, I guarantee you will discover some golden nuggets that you can start putting into practice today!

Consider this an all-you-can-sniff buffet of expert aromatherapy tips and DIY hacks to help you and your family enjoy abundant health with essential oils!

Just check out this line-up!

Setting the Foundation


Lesson 1: Aromatherapy History & Basics

Lesson 2: Inhalation Guide & Safety Tips

Lesson 3: Topical Application Guide & Safety Tips

Lesson 4: Internal Use Guide & Safety Tips

Natural Solutions for a Toxic-Free Home


Lesson 5: DIY Body Care Products

Lesson 6: DIY Cleaning Products

Lesson 7: Cooking with Essential Oils

Regaining Control of Your Health


Lesson 8: Preventing Disease with Essential Oils

Lesson 9: Treating Disease with Essential Oils

Lesson 10: Advanced Strategies & Protocols

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