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The Truth About Cancer – Ultimate Live Symposium!

The Truth About Cancer – Ultimate Live Symposium!

An investment in your health is the greatest thing you can ever do in your lifetime. Health is more valuable than houses, cars, jewelry, or fabulous vacations. None of those things mean anything if you’re sick.

The Most Exclusive Event in the History of Natural Health

Here at The Truth About Cancer, we work hard to bring you the most cutting-edge science as well as emerging natural health treatments that mainstream media simply doesn’t report.

No matter how safe and effective these modalities are, no matter the number of lives saved, it doesn’t change the “official” view. The media, medical establishment, and pharmaceutical giants refuse to engage in legitimate conversation and even actively campaign to prevent the knowledge or investigation of these valid therapies.

They won’t do anything that upsets their status quo…their bottom line.

Holistic health practitioners and doctors who have embraced natural techniques to save their patients are openly mocked. Some have had their reputations destroyed and their careers targeted but we all keep going.

Because it’s a matter of life and death.

For the last two years, The Truth About Cancer has brought you in contact with brilliant men and women at the top of their fields. They’ve featured on our videos, given us interviews, and written exclusive articles for our readers.

Now we’re taking it one step further. It’s time to do something powerful, something amazing in our fight to prevent, fight, and beat cancer. It’s critical that you join us for a once-in-a-lifetime event that will give you access to people who are blazing the path to stopping cancer forever!

The Ultimate Live Symposium to Fight Cancer!

October 14th through 16th, you have the opportunity to be part of something that can absolutely change your life. We’re bringing together more than 40 speakers who are going to give more than 60 presentations about what you can do to keep this devastating disease from destroying your life or the life of someone you love.

You simply cannot afford to miss it.

I’m talking about The Truth About Cancer – Ultimate Live Symposium where we’re bringing together luminaries in natural health who have agreed to share their research, insight, and incredible belief in the effective (but silenced) methods to stop the deaths caused by cancer.

Enjoy three days of LIVE talks by more than 40 of the most influential and respected names in the natural health field. Right now, we’ve sold out of tickets to join in person but you can still be with us as we live-stream this unbelievable collection of men and women dedicated to the prevention and eradication of cancer in the human body.

The Truth About Cancer – Ultimate LIVE Symposium is your chance to take part in something that’s never been done before and witness history being made!

These speakers are superstars in the natural health industry. Never before have so many come together to educate the public about the real ways you can stop cancer right now, today.

Sign up right now to be part of history.

It’s the next step in our quest to stop cancer from taking your life or the life of someone you love. You need to be part of this spectacular event. For your present and your future, to prevent cancer from ravaging your body or claiming your life, you need to join us.

Don’t wait. The Truth About Cancer – Ultimate Live Symposium is going to change the lives of millions and you should be one of them!

Now Playing: The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest 9 part docu-series

Now Playing: The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest 9 part docu-series.

Watch the most anticipated event of the year right here for free. 131 doctors, scientists, and survivors share their secrets to preventing, treating and healing…
Go to

(Plus I can share with you that we’re starting to make those “Powers That Be” nervous… turns out they’re not really fans of free speech!)

However, we’re just getting started.

Beginning April 12, we’re going to re-release “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest” 9-part documentary series for a limited time (for free) that you know and love…

The Quest will air April. 12th – 21st

And this time with your help our aim is for it to reach TENS OF MILLIONS who need it. So…

Click here to sign up to watch the documentary series online for free:

Coffee Enema In A Pill

Natural Health Solutions 116
October 26, 2015

Yes, It Is Coffee – but No, You Don’t Drink It

Dear Friend,

First of all, let’s get it right out of the way… Coffee Enema?  Seriously?!

Now down to the business of it…

Historically, coffee enemas were quite common (even recorded in biblical scripts) until the early 1970s, to treat many things from constipation, parasites, candida and most frequently, cancer. Then pharmaceutical companies with their financial power and interest got in the way. Not too long ago (like 1972), coffee enema was in the standard manual of medical procedures.

Numerous studies have been done on the detoxifying benefits of coffee enemas. They’re an important part of natural cancer treatments at The Gerson Institute, and they’re making a comeback as people see and feel the detoxifying health benefits.

You already know that I advocate for safe, natural choices.  I always encourage you to do your homework and most importantly, use your very own intuition as a guide to what’s best for you.

In these Newsletters, I have emphasized the importance of detoxification many times.  We’re all overloaded with toxins from the food we eat, the polluted air we breathe, and the water we drink. Toxins are everywhere and we’ve been accumulating them.

One cannot expect to maintain health with a toxic liver. An optimally functioning liver is necessary for many functions – energy, digestion, cellular maintenance.

Coffee “Enema” in a Simple Suppository

Easy, Yet Serious Detoxification

Supports Good Health and
Energy to Live Life to the Fullest

Don’t let this little suppository frighten you.  It’s very easy, simple and totally painless.

Xeneplex Contains…

  • Organic Coffee Extract and Reduced Glutathione to support your body in removing toxins such as pesticides, petrochemicals, plasticizers, solvents, metals, artificial flavors and colors, mold and fungal aflatoxins.
  • Xeneplex will stimulate your liver to produce Glutathione S transferase, a chemical known as “the master detoxifier”. It binds to toxins and then releases them out of your body with the coffee.
  • Magnesium di-potassium EDTA will also bind and hold on to (chelate) toxic heavy metals (so they don’t have any effects on your body) and then remove them from your body.  It helps clear out calcification in your soft tissues and joints, restoring flexibility.  Magnesium helps reduce your “fight or flight” stress response that is so over-worked in today’s fast-paced life.
  • Cocoa Butter for ease of insertion.

Provides all the benefits of a coffee enema and a glutathione IV in a suppository form.

It is well-suited for those suffering from toxic overload, chemical sensitivities, constipation, parasites, candida and cancer.

You can read more here “Liver Cleanse: Coffee Enema

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