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[Men’s Wellness Summit] Day 8: It’s Encore Day at The Men’s Wellness Summit!

DAY 8 (March 5, after 10am US eastern)
It’s Encore Day at The Men’s Wellness Summit! Missed some of the life-changing expert talks this past week? They’re all unlocked for free today! Help more men with do-it-yourself, practical ways to improve energy, lose weight, boost brain power, maximize athletic and sexual performance, live longer, have long-lasting relationships and feel better than ever before!

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Men's Wellness Summit

[iThrive: Rising from the depths of DIABETES and OBESITY!] Episode 6: 3 Deadly Traps

[Episode 6 is LIVE NOW] 3 Deadly Traps

Please GO HERE to Watch Episode 6

We’re about to learn what almost no one knows about:

Why it’s so difficult to change our food habits,

What it’s not “your fault”

The 3 Deadly Traps that counter-act our conscious intentions

It’s the 6th out of 9 Episodes in iThrive! Rising from the Depths of Diabetes & Obesity.

Tonight we continue where we left off in Episode 5.

We’re going to go deep with a clinical psychologist who takes a revolutionary biological approach to psychology.

Plus, tonight I’m personally commenting again on the controversy over diet and the food industry.

I hope you tune in RIGHT HERE.

– Jon McMahon

(and the whole iThrive team)

PS.  I love getting your comments!  Nicky B. recently left this comment:

“Wow !!!! Another eye-opening episode. I feel like I am taking condensed holistic nutrition classes and loving every minute of it. Thank you 1000 times for bringing this docuseries to us Health Seekers”

Thanks, Nicky!  There’s lots more to come.

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[Autoimmune Secrets] Episode 6: Healing & Thriving: Learning How to Heal, Essential Oils, Innovative Diet & Lifestyle Approaches to Autoimmunity


Episode 7, Healing & Thriving: Learning How to Heal, Essential Oils, Innovative Diet & Lifestyle Approaches to Autoimmunity, is playing now.

Watch Episode 7 here!

Here are some of the things we’ll cover in this episode:

•    Essential Oils and how they’re being clinically used to achieve remarkable results with autoimmunity
•    Innovative dietary approaches (Plant Based & Ketogenic and more)
•    Effective ways to supplement your health
•    Weight Loss strategies & the autoimmune connection
•    Detoxing? Cleansing? And how to do it right.
•    Plus a whole lot more

Be sure to tune in and watch tonight’s episode here.

After you watch, let us know what you think by commenting in the section below the video.

Thanks for your participation, and I’ll see you soon.

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Autoimmune Secrets

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[Essential Oils for Abundant Living Video Masterclass]: Lesson 7: Cooking with Essential Oils

Lesson 7: Cooking with Essential Oils

Hello! Welcome to Day 7 of our 10-Part Video Masterclass. Today we will be learning about Cooking with Essential Oils. Are you excited!?!

As a reminder, this video lesson will be available for 24 hours. On Feb 27, at 9:00 pm EST, Lesson 7 will be taken down and we will feature Lesson 8.

Keep an eye out for an email before 9:00 pm EST with your Lesson 8 access link.


Smell that? It’s a pot of Mama Z’s vegetable stew flavored with rosemary, basil, and oregano essential oils.

Or, it could be the homemade guacamole she puts in the 7-layer vegan taco dip enhanced with cilantro oil!


Some people are a little leery to use their essential oils for cooking, because few people teach the concept clearly enough. Let’s tackle this topic and help you answer questions like, “How do you know how many drops of oil will replace a teaspoon of dried basil?”

<< Watch Lesson 7 HERE to Find Out! >>

Lesson 7: Cooking with Essential Oils

To wrap up our 3-part Natural Solutions for a Toxic-Free Home mini-series, we’re going to finish with food.

The trick is to start small… make it your goal to use essential oils in one recipe each week. Start with a drop. It won’t take much!

In this lesson we’ll talk about the health benefits of using essential oils when we cook for our families, and how to do it the right way!

<< Lesson 7 is Live HERE! >>

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Enemies Of Your DNA

The times has come for everyone to wake up and realize that your DNA has enemies. What you are about to read can save you and your loved once life.

A human DNA what is it and what does it do?


The healing process that we all need for sure has been compounded by the dark forces that want to keep you bound from being emotionally and physically healed. So the DNA repair that some people are seeking to help their bodies heal has become a greater challenge.

Human DNA what is it?
DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) is a nucleic acid that is the main constituent of the chromosomes of all organisms, except some viruses.

What does DNA do?
DNA is self-replicating, plays a central role in protein synthesis, and is responsible for the transmission of hereditary characteristics from parents to offspring. In other words your DNA holds all of the characteristics found in your ancestors genealogy line.

Your first DNA enemy that is for ever present is found in your mothers womb. At the moment of conception your babies DNA began to be attacked. What is even more alarming is that most women have no clue that their reproductive systems are being polluted with “DIOXIN Worst TOXIC Chemical” used in “Sanitary Napkins and Tampons” So immediately when a women has been impregnated the DNA of the fetus developing inside the womb has been compromised. 

Many of unborn U.S. babies are soaking in a stew of chemicals, including mercury, gasoline byproducts and pesticides. The report by the Environmental Working Group is based on tests of 10 samples of the Placenta Cord-blood taken by the American Red Cross. They found an average of 287 contaminants in the blood, including mercury, fire retardants, pesticides and the Teflon chemical PFOA.

Now get this “Of the 287 chemicals we detected in umbilical cord-blood, we know that 180 cause cancer in humans or animals, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system, and 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal tests,” the report said. Blood tests did not show how the chemicals got into the mothers’ bodies.

This that you are reading here does not include vaccines that are loaded with huge amounts of Toxins like Formaldehyde, Aluminum, Polysorbate 80, Mercury, Lead. Never have the cumulative effects of all vaccine ingredients have been tested and they keep on adding more vaccines.

You need to seek out the best supplements that you can find to help you DETOX, repair, and rebuild the damaged cells by activating the master cells (Stem Cells) naturally.

Here is a list of DNA enemies:
1- Environmental toxins like Dioxin found in “Womens Sanitary Napkins”
2- Vaccinations
3- Artificial colors (* Blue 1 —— Chromosomal Damage
* Blue 2 — Brain Tumors
* Red 3 — Thyroid Tumors, Chromosomal damage
* Green 3– Bladder Tumors
* Yellow 5 -Allergies, Thyroid Tumors, Lymphocyte Lymphomas, Chromosomal
* Yellow 6- – Allergies, Kidney Tumors, Chromosomal damage
* Red 40 –Lymphomas, Lymph Tumors
4- Cell Phones
5- Artificial Sweeteners ( Aspartame, Sweet&Low, Splenda, Neotame, Amino Sweet, Sucralose0
6- Smart Meters
 – Finally here is a Smart Meter Cover safely blocks ~98% of the EMF (radio frequency / microwave) radiation emitted from smart meters. Click to learn more
7- Cell Phone Towers
8- GMO contaminates DNAclick here
9- Sodas
10- Tap water
11- Free radical damage

So now that you have an idea of the things that you may be consuming or using in your house that is your DNA enemy, what is your next move?

I would take action in eliminating everything that I am using that is damaging my DNA. Then learn all you can about cleansing and detoxing your blood.

Here are two suggestion for you. This is a seed extract formula made with “Black Seed” called “SOUL” The one main health benefit is that “Soul” has been reported to eliminate “inflammation” up to 281X’s stronger than aspirin with no side effects.  Click here


To learn more about SOUL seed nutrition click here

My second suggestion is a “Full Spectrum CBD Oil” that comes from an “Organic FDA certified Farm” chemical, pesticide free made with no fillers. CBD Oil from the Hemp plant has all of the vital nutrients to restore health to your main three signaling systems found in humans and animals. Click here to learn more

Here is Dr Allen short video – How CBD Oil supports the rebuilding of nerve cells throughour Neurogenesisis system creating new nerves to help stroke victims.

The transferring of animal DNA into human:
When Japanese bacteriologists discovered that bacteria of one species transferred their own highly specific antibiotic resistance to bacteria of an entirely different species, they seemed to hit on a unique if not startling phenomenon. Dr. Maurice Stroun and Dr. Philippe Anker, with colleagues in the Department of Plant Physiology at the University of Geneva, have now accumulated a wealth of evidence that the transfer of genetic information is not confined to bacteria but also can occur between bacteria and higher plants and animals.

“The Geneva scientists are convinced that normal animal and plant cells also shed DNA and that this DNA is also taken up by other cells in the organism. If they are right, the consequences to virtually every aspect of a cell’s metabolism would be considerable. The growth and development, diseases, and even the evolution of an organism would be affected.
“Dr. Stroun and his colleagues did most of their research on plants but have now turned to animals. In their latest set of experiments they used the isolated auricles of frogs’ hearts.

There is no question about the results. They found a high percentage of RNA-DNA (ribonucleic-deoxyribonucleic) hybridization between bacterial DNA extracted from bacteria of the same species as that used in the experiment and titrated RNA extracted from auricles which has been dipped in the bacterial suspension. (DNA, the characteristic nucleic acid of the nucleus in all cells, is the fundamental substance which carries the genetic code within the cells of the body).

The Food You Eat Actually Changes Your DNA
What is DNA methylation?
Without getting too far adrift in biochemistry, DNA methylation2 is the process by which a methyl group (one carbon atom attached to three hydrogen atoms) is added to part of a DNA molecule. DNA methylation is a crucial part of normal cell function, allowing cells to “remember who they are and where they have been” and is important in regulating gene expression. DNA methylation also suppresses the genes for things you DON’T want, such as viral and other disease-related genes. Abnormal DNA methylation plays a crucial role in the development of nearly all types of cancer.

Broccoli sprouts have also been shown to inhibit Helicobacter pylori (the bacteria thought to cause gastric ulcers), protect your heart, and may offer protection against UV radiation damage to your skin when applied topically. The sulforaphane from broccoli plays a role in activating more than 200 different genes. And you don’t have to consume a truckload of broccoli to reap its benefits.

In fact, a 2008 study published in PLoS One4 found that just four servings of broccoli per week could protect men from prostate cancer. One serving of broccoli is about two spears, so that’s only 10 broccoli spears per week.

Researchers believe hypertension (and kidney dysfunction) may result from a disturbance in DNA methylation, and it may just be that sulforaphane improves blood pressure and kidney function by ameliorating this problem. So, any food that mediates DNA methylation is very helpful toward keeping you healthy – and broccoli is one of the BEST! But if you hate broccoli, don’t fret. Broccoli sprouts aren’t your ONLY salvation if you suffer from hypertension or kidney trouble.

To get your DNA to tune in to your spoken words full of intent and believe for sure you will need to first do a blood cleansing. Then after you do the cleansing boost your DNA by feeding them the DNA of seeds, not just any seeds. This formula was 20 years in the making. Dr Leonard and his team after many years researching seeds they narrowed the search to three seeds. Black Seed, Black Raspberry Seed and Chardonnay grape seed. The icing on the formula was the DRibose. Bottom line when you have cleaner blood flowing through your body you have more mental clarity, vigor and strength because your DNA and your stem cells are getting the nutrition they need to continue in the path of awakening. Research this formula – Click here – I had chronic pain. The kind of pain that wakes you up from sleep and now it is gone. I am just about pain free.

The vaccination agenda has a lot to do with keeping people from evolving and having access into viewing and seeing the parallel worlds. Your developing DNA is your internal antenna that at some point will allow you to enter into parallel worlds. Ending DNA Contamination and Extinction is a priority in our lives. It is essential to protect your DNA contamination and extinction by eliminating the things that you are consuming and putting on your body to protect your families genealogy DNA heritage of intelligence. Personal choice is essential for some of these measures (vaccine avoidance, for example).

The task of curing these diseases is urgent. The task of preventing these poisonous inputs into our most precious asset, our DNA, is essential for you and your family. I was looking to find a Black Seed Formula with other Seeds ingredients to help repair and rebuild damaged DNA and I found it in this Black Seed formula called Soul. Think about it. The seeds is the most powerful life giving force that comes from our mother earth. Seeds are loaded with their own unique DNA that carries the nutrition that our own DNA needs.

Here is Dr Weeks on “Why Eat The Seeds” Especially this seed extract whole ground up seed extract with Black Seed, Grape Seed, Black Raspberry Seed, Resveratrol and D-Ribose.

This Black Seed formula called Soul has one ingredient called D-Ribose a 5 carbon natural sweetener that will do wonders for DNA repair. It works even stronger because of the Black Seed, Black Raspberry Seed and Grape Seed. Look it up D-Ribose DNA – Click here

Learn how to talk to your DNA. Every cell in our DNA has consciousness that is linked to the higher self. The higher self is the conscious mind of our soul, which is the larger essence of who we are as a spiritual being. We are a finger of consciousness from our soul sent down onto the lower dimensions, as our soul is so big that it cannot fit into the compact denseness of the third dimension. As our Universe, galaxy, and planet expands, it allows the space for us to expand as well. This will allow for more access to our soul particles and we are choosing to bring them into this reality of living in a human body. In order to do this we must change from a carbon blueprint to one of a lighter density. Click here to learn more

Yes, “Let Food Be Your Medicine.” Especially the kind of food that can feed your DNA and stem cells a much needed DNA nutrition. A new frontier is being recognized by science. I like to call it Organic Intelligent Food that comes from seed extracts that has the ability to increase your health to optimal levels. I know because for months I had chronic pain waking me up from sleep. I refused to take painkillers. To many people dying taking them.  Learn more here

Help us get the word out. Pain killers are to dangerous.


Cancer Fighting Foods

I have always loved this quote by Hippocrates “Let food be your medicine,” but big pHarma seems to think that medicine should Untitled31be our food. You the consumer have the final word as to what to take to help recover your health or prevent disease.

Do you think that you are at risk of coming down with cancer? Do you feel that you are in good health? Here is the bad news. When you where birth in your mothers womb you were already contaminated with many cancer causing chemicals. Many of unborn U.S. babies are soaking in a stew of chemicals, including mercury, gasoline byproducts and pesticides. The report by the Environmental Working Group is based on tests of 10 samples of the Placenta Cord-blood taken by the American Red Cross. They found an average of 287 contaminants in the blood, including mercury, fire retardants, pesticides and the Teflon chemical PFOA.Now get this “Of the 287 chemicals we detected in umbilical cord-blood, we know that 180 cause cancer in humans or animals, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system, and 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal tests,” the report said. Blood tests did not show how the chemicals got into the mothers’ bodies.This that you are reading here does not include vaccines that are loaded with huge amounts of Toxins like Formaldehyde, Aluminum, Polysorbate 80, Mercury, Lead. Never have the cumulative effects of all vaccine ingredients have been tested and they keep on adding more vaccines.

So what can you do to stop the cancer from showing up in your body and  regain your health? Start eating cancer fighting foods and seek out the best supplements that you can find to help you DETOX, repair, and rebuild the damaged cells by activating the master cells (Stem Cells) naturally. Detox suggestions click here

If you have been told that you have cancer and considering chemo and radiation then read this to help you make an informed choice. Chemo and radiation are not guaranteed to heal your cancer, but one thing for sure it will kill all living cells in your body. So you will be like a walking zombie. Click here

If their ever was a time for you to learn about the cancer fighting foods it is now. In my opinion what you are about to read is a new breakthrough in whole food nutrition that was 20 years in the making. Thousands of seeds were studied to learn about their natural chemistry make up and the natural ingredients found in seeds.

The University of Minnesota was also looking to find the most powerful natural seeds to use in helping children that had gone through Chemo and radiation regain their health. They found 3 seeds that were superior to anything else. They were Black cumin seeds, Chardonnay grape seeds and Black raspberry seeds. Feed the body what it needs and your body heals its self.

Here is a video of before and after with the many people that had amazing health benefits drinking these 5 botanical liquid seeds. You need to see what happened to the person with the Leukemia Cancer tumor the size of a Baseball on his neck. Gone in just a few months.


I am taking this whole food product cause its ver y good for chronic pain too. Click here for more info

OK! here are some of the most powerful fruits and vegetables that have been validated to fight cancer and shrink tumors to help you regain your health.



Chemical Castration

It is alarming to learn that over 20 million men suffer with Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

untitled32Most men on medications have no clue that they may very well lose their sex drive to ED. In my opinion men are being targeted for chemical castration. Millions of men on cholesterol, high blood pressure, and cardio drugs have come down with ED. All that it takes its just one of the meds, but if you are taking 2 or more than the ED condition shows up even faster.

I will forever be looking for natural alternative proven to work to regain or maintain my overall health. Be sure to read on for natural ways to regain sexual health.

If your doctors says ” You are border line diabetic” In other words you don’t have the disease and already they want to get you on pHarma meds guaranteed for ( Chemical Castration) be my guest.

In my case if I had a borderline A1C I would look to improve my eating habits by eating more green foods. Most people don’t know that the older you get the higher the Oxidative Stress damage to our bodies. So for the most part many of the common diseases will continue to advance if the Oxidative Stress is NOT taken under control.

If you take immediate action now to improve your lifestyle, especially diet, exercise and add a few natural supplements, you may not progress any further towards diabetes and ED. The most important goal is to try to halt the progression of Oxidative Stress damage towards the terrible complications of diabetes that will also cause for you to develop erectile dysfunction.

Be sure to read my blog post called “Oxidative Stress silent killer” Click here

Here are some of the medications that have a history of causing erectile dysfunction. I like the term better “chemical castration” because any drug that makes you impotent to me that its just what it is. Now grab this link and email it to people you know. to help us get the word cause to many men are losing their MOJO!

*Diuretics and high blood pressure drugs
Hydrochlorothiazide (Esidrix, HydroDIURIL, Hydropres, Inderide, Moduretic, Oretic, Lotensin)
Chlorthalidone (Hygroton)
Triamterene (Maxide, Dyazide)
Furosemide (Lasix)
Bumetanide (Bumex)
Guanfacine (Tenex)
Methyldopa (Aldomet)
Clonidine (Catapres)
Verapamil (Calan, Isoptin, Verelan)
Nifedipine (Adalat, Procardia)
Hydralazine (Apresoline)
Captopril (Capoten)
Enalapril (Vasotec)
Metoprolol (Lopressor)
Propranolol (Inderal)
Labetalol (Normodyne)
Atenolol (Tenormin)
Phenoxybenzamine (Dibenzyline)
Spironolactone (Aldactone)

*Antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs, and anti-epileptic drugs
Buy Fluoxetine (Prozac)
Tranylcypromine (Parnate)
Sertraline (Zoloft)
Isocarboxazid (Marplan)
Amitriptyline (Elavil)
Amoxipine (Asendin)
Clomipramine (Anafranil)
Desipramine (Norpramin)
Nortriptyline (Pamelor)
Phenelzine (Nardil)
Buspirone (Buspar)
Chlordiazepoxide (Librium)
Clorazepate (Tranxene)
Diazepam (Valium)
Doxepin (Sinequan)
Imipramine (Tofranil)
Lorazepam (Ativan)
Oxazepam (Serax)
Phenytoin (Dilantin)
This is the link to the rest of the drugs that may cause ED: Click here

The NIH (National Institute Health) site has over 600 published science papers on the drugs that cause ED. Click here

I have 2 things that at my age (67) will for sure look to improve. Number one blood flow. The older you get the less blood flow will function because of plaque build up and Oxydative Stress damage to the inner walls of the arteries. This is why I am taking EPX Body Cardio. This supplement formula is based on three Nobel prize winners with L-Arginine and L-Cetruline plus vitamins especially B12 Methylcobalamin.

This Cardio formula when I take it will feed my body the raw materials needed to make Nitric Oxide a very important natural occurring gas inside the inner cell walls of our arteries. Nitric Oxide helps to eliminate plaque build up and dump the metabolic waste and stimulate blood flow through out my entire cardiovascular system:

Untitled10-2To learn more about EPXBody Cardio – Click here

**Warning** Do not use B12 Cyanocobalamin made with Cyanide because it will rob you of your good B12 Methyl’s and can cause hair fall out.





Bottom line, just eating good food and exercise is not enough. You also need to feed the body the raw materials so that our bodies can make its own Nitric Oxide and Glutathione enzymes.

Dr Andrew Kramer, is a surgeon and ED expert at the University of Maryland Medical Center. He reports that all men have a natural occurring sex hormone circulating in their blood called dihydrotestosterone that helps to maintain a healthy sex drive. “What these drugs do is that they reduce the amount of the hormone dihydrotestosterone circulating in your blood,” said Dr. Andrew Kramer

Long-distance bicycling, may also increase your risk of erectile dysfunction. A 2005 review article published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that 4 percent of male bicyclists who spent at least three hours per week in the saddle experienced moderate to severe erectile dysfunction, while only about 1 percent of runners who were the same age experienced ED.

When you sit on a bike seat, you bear weight on the nerves and arteries that carry blood to the penis. “Over time, these vessels can become damaged, resulting in decreased blood flow to the penis and risk of ED,” Kava said.

Men who have diabetes are two to three times more likely to also have erectile dysfunction than men without diabetes, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Poorly regulated blood sugar can damage the nerves and small blood vessels that control erections and allow blood flow to the penis, Kramer said.

Healthy blood vessels and sufficient blood flow are essential to getting and keeping an erection. Uncontrolled hypertension damages blood vessels in the body, making them less elastic and less able to transport blood the same volume of blood quickly.

While no one should stop taking blood pressure medicine without speaking to their doctor, making lifestyle changes, such as maintaining a healthy diet and getting more exercise may help lower your blood pressure so you don’t need the drugs, Kramer said.

The inevitable missing link is Nitric Oxide. What is Nitric Oxide and how important is it?
Nitric Oxide was undiscovered until the mid-1980s, yet the discovery led to a scientific breakthrough and potentially one of the most important molecules in the human body.

Not only was the discovery of the molecule’s existence revolutionary, it also represented an entirely new principle in biological systems: a signaling molecule that, as a gas, penetrates through membranes and regulates the function of another cell.
“The discovery of Nitric Oxide and its function is one of the most important in the history of cardiovascular medicine.”
—President of the American Heart Association, quoted in The New York Times

Two pharmacologists, Robert F. Furchgott and Louis J. Ignarro together with a physician, Dr. Ferid Murad uncovered an amazing truth – that blood vessels dilate because the endothelial cells in arteries produce a molecule that signals to the surrounding vascular muscle cells “telling” them to relax. They called this signaling molecule EDRF or the endothelium-derived relaxing factor. But what was the factor? It was Nitric Oxide, a gas comprised of one nitrogen molecule and one oxygen molecule. This is the natural occurring gas inside our endothelial cells in our arteries. We call it Nitric oxide.

The delivery of oxygen and nutrients to all organs in the body is central to literally every bodily function. Some scientists believe Nitric Oxide is as important to human life as oxygen.

As a result, research scientists, Furghott, Ignarro and Murad were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine for the discovery of Nitric Oxide as a critical signaling molecule in 1998.
* Nitric Oxide optimizes circulation and is involved in virtually every organ system in our body.
* More blood flow means better brain function and better attention.
* More blood flow means better oxygen transfer and more energy.
* More blood flow means a better sex life. (Nitric Oxide is a key ingredient in many well-known erectile dysfunction products because it stimulates penile blood flow.)
* Nitric Oxide also has important properties in the immune system where it helps us fight off infections and cancer cells, as well as in the nervous system where it helps our brain cells communicate properly.

The EPXBody Cardio formula validated to feed the body the raw material to make Nitric Oxide is based on the Nobel Prize research.

*Its just $44.95 or buy qty 3 at $119.95 (save $14) after you join you can buy qty 6 at $150 (Save $119)  – Click here

Nitric Oxide is critical to life. In fact, many scientists believe Nitric Oxide to be as important to humans as oxygen. Unfortunately, most adults over 40 don’t produce enough in order to achieve optimal health.

This is also the missing key element that lacking enough Nitric oxide in your blood flow will at some point cause erectly dysfunction.So the key to improve your bodies ability to make Nitric Oxide is to take a natural supplement that will feed your body the raw materials so that your body will make its own Nitric Oxide improving blood flow through out your whole body including blood flow to your Penis.

You may also want to consider this natural seed extract formula – It has been known to improve blood flow, eliminates inflammation and chronic pain too. Click here

I am also taking Dr McCords herbal formula Protandim because it has been validated to reduce Oxidative Stress by an average of 40% in 30 days plus increase your Glutathione levels up to 300% in 3 to 4 months.

To learn about Dr McCords research – Click here 

To order Protandim – Click here

Most people in their 50’s or older will have depleted Glutathione levels because of the Oxidative Stress damage and environmental toxic chemicals. Click here

Be sure and research Dr McCords 40 year research. He was interviewed by ABC Primetime news. His formula is so powerful to slow down Oxidative Stress that big pharma wants to buy him out. He owns 5 patents on his formula to reduce Oxidative Stress. I did a blog post called – Oxidative Stress silent killer- It also helps with ED too. Click here

Get Paid To Lose Weight

Have you heard? Yes we do have an epidemic of OBESITY!

If you are here reading this its because you are looking for safe natural supplements GMO FREE to get you on the path of Prevention the key to good health and longevity.

Here are some things that some people may not know that are causing millions of people to gain weight and putting them at risk for common diseases like heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

1- Artificial Sweeteners – For the most part all diet sodas have them. Aspartame, Splenda, Neotame, Aminosweet, Sweet&Low, Sucralose. What do they all have in common? They cause acidosis, Oxidative Stress and weight gain.

They can cause organ, genetic, and reproductive damage. Sucralose, even at less than the level demanded by FDA rules, reveals that it has been shown to cause up to 40% shrinkage of the thymus: A gland that is the very foundation of our immune system. It also causes swelling of the liver and kidneys, and CALCIFICATION of the kidney.

Now for the good news. Here is a new herbal formula with a track record of many people having an awesome weight loss success.

IgniteMaxx™ uses a combination of patented ingredients including Capsimax™ (capsaicin extract found in chili peppers) to help you lose weight & manage appetite!

Ingredients in IgniteMaxx Have Been Shown To:

  • Support Healthy Metabolism & Lipolysis*, Safely mobilizes fat metabolism & aids weight management
  • Help Induce Thermogenesis*, Subjects burned more calories before, during & after exercise
  • Manage Appetite Naturally*, Subjects showed reduced appetite compared to placebo

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Here are the ingredients of Ignite Maxx:

IgniteMAXX Ingredients

Awesome weight loss testimonies:



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Weight Loss*
Research has shown that capsaicinoids stimulate a chain of physiological events that aid lipolysis (the breakdown of fat), which can be expected to positively affect body composition.*

Appetite Management*
Several studies have found that the addition of capsaicinoids to the diet caused a reduction in ad libitum energy intake during subsequent meals.*

Healthy Metabolism*
Subjects burned more calories before, during and after exercise when they had taken Capsimax as compared to the placebo.*

Energy Levels*
IgniteMaxx™ contains a caffeine (200mg) which can help increase energy levels safely and improve focus during exercise.

Remember that preventions is the key to good health and longevity.

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Chronic Pain Relief Fast

In the past 20 years people with Chronic pain has increased tremendously with little or no solution in sight. Millions of people world wide are suffering from chronic pain. For the most part Chronic pain is excruciating and at times is totally incapacitating. Read on for the good news.

So what Causes Pain? A pain can result from a signal sent from your nerves to your brain signaling as a warning or an alarm, to let you know that you’re stepping on a nail or touching a hot stove. However sometimes the signals get stuck and keep firing, and the pain continues. That’s when it becomes chronic.

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The most common sources of chronic pain has been reported to come from headaches, injury, joint pain, backaches, and shoulder pain. Other kinds of chronic pain are tennitus ringing in the ear, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, sinus pain, and pain affecting specific parts of the body, such as the pelvis, and neck. Continuous mild muscle or nerve pain can also develop into a chronic pain.


People that have had trauma injuries or infections at some point will develop ongoing cause of pain. The primary reason for the pain to show up is because the cells have stopped communicating in the process to help your body dump your metabolic waste.

So the many chemicals become stagnated in your body increasing the chances for infections, inflammation and swelling of the joints. This will also lead to depression and emotional imbalances because your neurotransmitters are being over inflamed from Oxydative Stress and free radicals gone wild.

At some point people will then start to use medications that for the most part dose NOT fix the problem and increases your risk for other complications including death.

Clearly we are having an epidemic of chronic pain and millions of people especially women are in need of help. The New York Times just reported that fatal overdoses from prescription pain pills increased fivefold among women from 1999 to 2010, the most recent year for which the federal government has final data. Click here to learn more

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Here is the good news of a natural suggestion for you.
A new breakthrough process of 5 Botanical seed oil extracts that Detox, Oxygenates, Cleanses your blood, increases blood flow and stimulates your cells to dump your metabolic waste.

For centuries SOUL

Who do you know with chronic psoriasis or any type of skin condition?
Who do you know with chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, Tumors, colds or flu?.
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Each Soul botanical liquid seed has a proprietary blend of:
Nigella Sativa Seed532 published science papers

Black Cumin591 published science papers

D-Ribose – 27,035 published science papers

Black Raspberry Seed 8 published science papers

Raspberry Seed 37 published science papers

Grape Seed1311 published science papers

Trans-Resveratrol5,899 published science papers

Resveratrol upregulates Nrf2 expression to attenuate methylglyoxal-induced insulin resistance in Hep G2 cells.
61 published science papers

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Here is a list of 27 health benefits:
1. Increases energy, performance and stamina
2. Strengthens the immune system
3. Lowers risk of cardiovascular disease
4. Improves brain function
5. Aids in weight reduction
6. Regulates organs and glands
7. Speeds recovery and healing
8. Improves digestion
9. Decreases infection
10. Keeps bones strong
11. Protects genetic material
12. Produces beautiful hair, skin and nails
13. Improves athletic performance
14. Reduces/ prevents inflammation
15. Improves cardiovascular health
16. Boosts production of bone marrow
17. Fights cancer with antioxidants
18. Regulates blood pressure
19. Lowers bad cholesterol
20. Improves vision
21. Anti-aging properties
22.Helps manage and prevent Diabetes
23. Fights Auto-immune disorders
24. Calms upset stomachs
25. Supports healthy child development
26. Eases PMS
27. Prevents hearing loss

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Here are some great SOUL Testimonials:

“When I walk out of my motor coach, it’s not a normal step like walking down ordinary stairs, the coach makes you step sideways as you walk down the 3 steps, that puts pressure (sideways) with all your weight on that one downhill knee.

I really only notice it walking down those stair or in a situation like reading in bed with my knee bent up toward the ceiling . When I straighten it, it snaps and causes a pain in the knee.

After only 4 days after faithfully taking SOUL, the pain in the knee
is definitely gone. I am happy!” – Eric S.

“We just started to use the SOUL pouches by Rain. Fran and I started with one pouch the first day. Fran started taking one pouch 3 times daily and I started taking two pouches daily. I had been suffering from strained muscles in my neck since March. By Saturday August 10th my neck was about 80% better and today August 12th I have -0- Zero pain!!

Also the arthritis pain in my arms has almost disappeared. Great news!! Hopefully, when we go back to the Orthopedic Surgeon on Tuesday, Fran’s broken bones in her foot will show growth.
Thank you SOUL from RAIN!!” – Fran and Glenn S.

“For the past couple years I have had terrible leg cramps in the middle of the night that would awaken me and I would have to get out of bed and walk the floor trying to get my toes to straighten out and for the cramping to stop.

Now after taking Soul for only five days I am sleeping through the night, no more cramping and I awake rested and ready to go. Being ready to go in the past was prevented by a swollen right knee from arthritis which caused me to fear I was going to have to have knee replacement surgery like many of my friends. Now after taking Soul the swelling in that knee has gone done considerably and the soreness is almost gone and I am indeed ready to go. To go with increased energy, I now walk further.

At age 71 since taking Soul my skin is firmer and thicker. The wrinkles on my face, neck, hands and arms have improved by 50%. My face and hands look years younger. I no longer am embarrassed to wear my rings.

In 1991 I had non-hodgins lymphoma and took extensive chemo. With a weakened immune system I was opened up for diseases to attack my body. Four years ago I began to have attacks of Trigeminal Neuralgia. If you look this disease up on ‘YouTube’ you will see it is called the suicide disease because it is so painful.

When I had these attacks I could not speak, eat, brush my teeth, or wash my face. The pain went through my left temple, across my cheek, through the roof of my mouth and through my tongue. Surgeons wanted to cut the nerve that caused this but I could lose my hearing, my face could become like stone on that side and the pain could continue so I decided to just live with it. I found only one thing that helped the pain and could not afford to purchase it.

I am so excited that since taking Soul my pain is 95% gone! An additional benefit a big one, for the past ten years doctors have said I have sarcoidosis and the disease has caused scaring in my lungs and nodules to form which limits my breathing.

With Soul I am breathing deeper, my lungs are opening up and I have increased air in my lungs. With the additional oxygen I am thinking clearer and my memory has improved.
Nodules on my vocal cords have made it painful for me to speak and nine years ago I lost my job as a receptionist because of the quality of my voice. Once again with Soul my voice has tremendously improved and I can sing again!”
– Carol

“As I have become older, I have developed rheumatoid arthritis. My whole life I have been active and enjoyed doing things with my hands. As my condition worsened, the joints in my hands and wrists have become so painful that normal activities are sometimes impossible.

It is difficult to imagine the frustration I have felt as I have worked with doctors to treat my condition. I have been told that there is not much that can be done, and that really the only thing I can do is take prescription anti-inflammatory medicine and other types of pain killers.

While those treatments help to a degree, I am worried about the long-term effects their side effects may have on my health. A few months ago, I was introduced to Rain and Soul. I can’t believe what has happened.

My inflammation and pain in my affected joints is much improved. Even my emotional and psychological state is better knowing that I can manage my arthritis with the help of such an incredible natural product.
Thank you Rain! ”. – Karen B

“I’m so excited about this Soul. All I had was your word and a strong gut feeling that this is for me, so I signed up. You and my gut feeling was ever so right.

Within 3 days the diabetic nerve damage in the bottom of my feet was gone. I’ve suffered for 8 years with this pain and sometimes it was so bad I couldn’t sleep.

This is unbelievable I’m afraid people want believe me. Just think, if it is working on my feet, what is it doing on the other parts of my body? I’m sold! – Cheryl

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