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The only way to earn Easy Money starts with you having the power to choose how to earn an income. Working multiple JOB’s is NOT the answer. Take a few minutes to read this post and you will learn that choosing to make money working at a JOB is Dead End with NO time freedom. You have to wait until they give you a raise and Zero tax write offs.
Or be your own boss – (You don’t have to quit your JOB)
– Give your self a raise anytime
– No employees, No Over head
– Time Freedom
– Lots of Tax write offs
– Get Paid whether you work or not
* Earn a company Car all expenses paid see below.

Take action and look into starting your own Home Based Business. Below I share some of the most successful affordable opportunities.

Their is a better way. Keep your one JOB and look for a simple opportunity that you can work from home on your own time 10 to 20 hours per week. This is what I like and I hope you do too.

My name is Robert Carrillo. I am retired from corporate (down sized). My advice to you is, if you just have the ONE JOB, you should think about getting another pay check before it’s to late. You don’t want to lose your JOB and lose it all.

After getting downsized I had to get THREE JOBS to maintain my level of income, but still if I did not go to work I did not get paid. My mindset now is multiple income streams, so if I lose one check, I will still have others coming in.

First it is important for you to learn that there are 3 types of income and how they relate to your life. This is the kind of information that when you understand it will empower you in a positive way to help you improve your financial state for the rest of your life.

The best part about what I am telling you now is that after reading this it will upgrade your MINDSET to have a huge positive effect on your life and finances for the rest of your life.

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First you need to learn that there are THREE types of income.
1- Linear Income
2- Leveraged Income
3- Passive Residual Income

When you get a clear understanding of the three types of income your MINDSET will have been upgraded and you are now on your way (Or NOT).

At this point you will need to decide in what type of income will you continue for the rest of your life. Let’s take a look:

Type #1 Linear Income: Is income generated by working at a job. Work 8 hr days 40 hours per week. This is the type of income that you are trading time for money with limitations meaning that you will only earn but so much money. You will always have to wait for your boss to give you a raise. Wait your turn for vacation time, and if you don’t show up to work most companies DO NOT PAY.

Type #2 Leveraged Income: Is a little better than Linear Income. This is where you can get paid from the work of others, like being a small business owner or a manager, however, leveraged income does not offer real security, because linear income employees, can quit, find a higher paying job or start their own competing business.

Type #3 Passive Residual Income **The Best of all income***
Is the income that allows ordinary people to achieve extraordinary success. With Residual income you work for once and get paid forever! This is also the kind of income that grows each month a little bit more and allows people to live without financial limits. Give you self a raise anytime. Take vacations anytime.

Imagine doing what you want, with whom you want, for as long as you want. Wouldn’t this be the best type of income.

Here is a question for you. How many people are bringing money into your household? Is it just you bringing home the bacon? Is it you and your spouse?
Our mind set is to teach you how you can have several hundred people bring money into your house hold just for sharing the concept of RESIDUAL INCOME. With our main program all you need is 2 people that are willing to help 2 others to do the same and in 12 weeks to 12 months you can be earning so much money that you can FIRE YOUR BOSS!

OK! This is where you now need to decide:

1. Am I going to continue doing what I have always done and continue working my Dead end income JOB or

2. Am I going to step out in FAITH and join with like-minded people who can help me become successful in building Residual Income.

In this economy the one main thing that will keep people from starting a home-business is having the start up money.
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Here is the bottom line. If your mindset is to have one good JOB it’s OK!, but from personal experience one GOOD JOB in this economy has NO security. Upgrade your thinking to a new MINDSET of creating multiple income streams.

This will give you more security with less worry, because if you lose one check/JOB you won’t be losing it all.

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You can call me if you like if you need help or have questions.
Robert 1-407-672-6144.

Everyone that joins any of my opportunities will get a free Itemize Tax training.

Be blessed in all that you do.

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  1. Hi Robert, I noticed there was no way someone from Australia could buy your products, are there any prohibiting ingredients, and if not would you update your shopping cart to allow people from Australia to buy it, thanks.

    1. Hi Angelique

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      OK! I hope that this helps

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